The old cliché… busy as a bee! (Wordless Wednesday)









Bottoms Up! (Wordless Wednesday)

Bottoms Up






Could BEE Autumn (Wordless Wednesday)


Bee Autumn



Slowly but surely I’m catching up with all the wonderful photo challenges I was once participating in.

It’s been quite awhile since joining in with the wonderful One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells but there seemed no better time to jump back in then with this week’s word… BEE!

Bee Beautiful

This capture from last summer came immediately to mind and when amazingly I found it on my laptop (since we’re currently away from home and my external hard-drive) I knew it was meant to be.






Yellow Ninja! (Flower Friday)

This summer seemed to be brimming over with an abundance of yellow flowers. Wherever you looked there were yellow flowers – by the roadside, in garden beds, and in vacant lots.

Yellow Ninja

What I loved about this particularly bright yellow flower was how this bee was all covered in yellow pollen. It makes me smile just remembering this little guy retrieving his quota.

Constantly Searching! (Wordless Wednesday)


Constantly in Search