The old cliché… busy as a bee! (Wordless Wednesday)









Bottoms Up! (Wordless Wednesday)

Bottoms Up






Busy as a Bee!

With summer in the air and hanging baskets full of blooms it’s no surprise the garden is full of visitors. Even the little flowers sprouting up in the grass are attracting the wildlife!

It was if this little guy knew I was trying to photograph him as whenever I “took my position” the bee would swing around presenting me with his back. Hence it took a lot longer than I’d hoped for these few captures.

Goodness knows what my neighbors, or those driving past for that matter, thought of me lying flat on my stomach on the front lawn, fully clothed yet WITHOUT a single drink in my hand, lol!

With such abundance of color and wildlife, summer is definitely here but…  “mum, how much longer?”