They grow up so fast! (Feathered Friday)

Already this juvenile Bald Eagle is showing signs of adulthood with more white on his head and that much more yellow in his beak. Oh how I appreciate his visits showing me these subtleties of his aging!

With such an abundance of bird life this spring I thought I’d begin a “Feathered Friday” to introduce you to just a few of the new, and not so new, arrivals!






Head first into the day ahead! (Feathered Friday)

No matter how many Bald Eagles I see, each and everything I see one I still stop and look in awe at these magnificent creatures. No matter their size, they always look graceful.

With such an abundance of bird life this spring I thought I’d begin a “Feathered Friday” to introduce you to just a few of the new, and not so new, arrivals!




The race is on! (Wordless Wednesday)








Singing from the Tree Tops (Monochrome Monday)

On this particular morning, these two beauties were having a good ole sing-song, serenading all of us who walked by or under them. It was such a fabulous way to begin the day.

Nature has a wonderful way of cutting to the chase…  you should always find a song in your heart to start your day.






Borgarfjörður Puffins! (Tourist Time)

Where we lived in East Iceland was just a couple of hours away from Borgarfjörður, a tiny village with a bird estuary that provided a fabulous nesting ground for puffins and other bird life. For us it was the puffin that held our full attention!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!





Breakfast amongst the Branches (Wordless Wednesday)


Breakfast on a Branch







Pelicans of Mexico


Having grown up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia and having property still there, going to the beach anywhere else for a holiday now just feels wrong. However the blue, blue waters of Mexico almost had me reconsidering… almost!

Pelicans of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Even now as the children and I go through our holiday photographs from our Panama Canal cruise, the colour of the waters off the coast of Mexico and Miami still leave us catching our breath.



A Japanese feel right in my back yard – Wordless Wednesday


A Splash of Colour!



Backlit Boyz!

When we first arrived in Kitimat, the Stella Jays initially enthralled us with their vibrant colors. That lasted a week, maybe two. They squawk. They scare away the other birds. They’re messy eaters!

Then they disappeared, phew (which we had NOTHING to do with I assure youthought itbut didn’t DO it!). Now they’re back…

Backlit Bird, grrrr...


Oddly they only like to pose for the camera in the morning but with the light behind them they turn into a bat-like image. For this capture I added some back-light, then some more. Brings out it’s inner-evil quite well I think!

If only it was this easy to silence them. Or better yet, move them to another back deck so my little Chickadees can once again feast in peace but… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Awww, even MY eagles are into the Valentine’s spirit – I hope they thought ahead with their gifts though, having them sorted by the week-end before we had all this snow! 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Just as I decided there wasn’t a nest being built I see this loving scene.

I do so hope they are still in the “getting-to-know-one-another-phase” as given the temperatures we’ve had of late, if they had eggs they’ll be staring at them for the LONGEST time sighing … “mum, how much longer?”