A little bird told me… (Wordless Wednesday)









Emerging with the Morning Light (Monochrome Monday)

As the light emerged with the beginning of the new day, a beautiful blue heron in search of some fresh breakfast was revealed down by the water’s edge.

Such a wonderful start to the day, a fresh hot coffee in my hand whilst watching Mother Nature at her best right outside my window.






Love them Key West pelicans! (Wordless Wednesday)








Our Little Nectar Nibbler (OWPC: Bird)

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… Bird.

Each day for the past few weeks I’ve been feverishly scanning the river’s sand-banks in search of my darling Pelicans. I was ever-so hopeful one would even sit itself on our dock but so such luck. Then I heard the most delightful song.

Our Little Nectar Nibbler

The most beautiful song was coming from our hedge. It took me a little while but by following the sound I eventually came across the little guy above.

He liked the flowers but seemingly only would visit them when I turned my back. If the camera was poised, ready to capture the moment, he’d stay secluded within the safety of the bush. Dang it!



Raindrops have FALLEN on my head – Wordless Wednesday

Raindrops are falling on my head

Stella… STELLA!!!

Not sure how, or why, but the Stella’s are back!

Stella... Stella!

And they’re not only visiting but this time they’re allowing the other smaller birds at the feeder also. What the?

Initially when we put up our multi-feeder the Stella’s would shoo away the smaller birds but this time round they seem to be taking turns. What gives?

It simply baffles me as it’s exactly the same feed, same packet in fact, as the last two fills that were done but the Stella’s would fly right by us but not this time.

They’re lovin’ this feed as much as we’re love seein’ them again but… “mum, how much longer?”