Misty Summer Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

This past summer we’ve had some of the most wonderful misty mornings. The fog so heavy that the air didn’t clear until lunch time. It was so amazing to watch!

The fog would then clear to reveal the brightest of summer days. At which point I would head down to my Creative Cave to avoid the sun’s glare and the headache that would ensue. Life’s Yin and Yang.








Early Morning Dew (Monochrome Monday)

Yes, yes, I know dandelion heads are the bane of most gardeners existence but when the sunlight reflects off those early morning dew drops covering one of them, they are mighty hard resist.

Personally, I think they are simply delightful, but hey, I’m just a girl!😆





Canadian Country (MM27)

This month’s Monochrome Madness theme from  Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY  is COUNTRY. Initially I chose a photograph from my visit to Australia back in March as nothing says country more to me than a kangaroo sitting under a tree.

Then as I sat down to write this post I felt conflicted submitting a photo from Australia when I like to now call Canada home. Back through the archives I went to find this shot from our adventures through British Columbia in May.

Canadian Country - MM27

I briefly considered lightening this photograph somewhat but as I did so I simply wasn’t happy with the result. If you haven’t already guessed, I rather like my captures to be on the dark side, that’s simply me.

Especially given the state of disrepair these two buildings are in. Their glory days are obviously behind them with mother nature moving in to reclaim what was rightfully hers to begin with.

But on the plus-side of changing my mind at the moment, I have now have one or two images for future Monochrome Mondays. Of course there’ll be NO prizes for guessing what those images will be, lol! 🙂





Heading up the Highway!

The wonderful thing about heading up the highway here is that one feels they are driving off into a postcard. Even when it’s just 200km away to Prince Rupert, it’s such a beautiful adventure.

Old Bridge on the way to Prince Rupert!

For our anniversary last month we treated ourselves to a night in Prince Rupert. Some might not see this as much of a treat but for us it gave us a night away somewhere different.

Plus it allowed us some magnificent photo opportunities both on the drive up and back, as well as whilst we were there.

We ate, we fished, we shopped – all-in-all a wonderful 24 hours. The best part though, it was only when it came to “comfort” stops did we hear… “mum, so much longer?”