In the Morning Light (iPhriday Flowers)

Oddly there aren’t many, actually there aren’t any, black flowers in my archives to use for today being Black Friday. Instead I’ve decided to use one of my recent captures of some Canna Lilies with a wonderful dark background. Hey, I tried, okay?!

In the Morning Light

These plants were never a favourite of mine growing up. They just seemed to be everywhere, in the garden of every house and every public park. Now however, as I see them growing in mass various botanical gardens I’m finding them very appealing!





Lurking in the Shadows (Fav Foto Friday)

With only the street lights shining through the open blinds, our Halloween decorations certainly had me doing a double take one night as I wandered out to the living room.

Lurking in the Shadows!

Miss Twelve had decorated the window obviously with a giant spider, which in the daylight looked effective enough. What neither of us had expected though was the shadows created by the street light across the road. Bonus!

Happy Black Friday!





It’s snowing but for how long???

It began snowing today and why wouldn’t it snow today with Miss Ten’s elementary school holding their annual Christmas Concert. There’s nothing quite like a car-park full of parents all attempting to leave all at once at the best of times but adding snow into the mixture is just plane cruel.

As I walked to the car I couldn’t help but notice the tree in front of the school, bereft of all sign of life except… an unkindness of ravens.

I'm sure they mean no harm but why is they feel more like vultures than ravens?

And no, my comment is not my opinion of ravens, this is simply what one calls a group of ravens. Who knew? To me they felt more like vultures, ready to devour any poor student who came running from the school, disappointed and utterly humiliated by their performance in the concert.

Fortunately this never occurred as everyone appeared to be performing the best they could with a lot, this surprisingly including the male species, actually enjoying themselves which was lovely to see.

It did however remind me of a photo I’d taken last Friday with ravens in a tree and now that I’ve downloaded it, it looks even eerier then it did that Black Friday. Let me assure you, it summed up my afternoon extraordinarily well!

Seems quite apt for a Black Friday...

Black Friday had me waiting for a parcel that I desperately needed for the following night’s band concert. A parcel yet to arrive, grrr. Anyways, I also had a lunch invite so decided I would wait until 1pm then, make some quick drop-offs, arriving in time if not for dessert, at least a coffee. Good plan huh? If only it had worked.

Whilst waiting for my non-delivery, I’d written and looked up all the addresses, listing them into an order of streets for before and after lunch. The first went well but the next was a game changer. Never do I keep the keys in the car even when I’m jumping in and out but in my haste I forgot this golden rule.

Hence whilst dropping off at the next address my car automatically locked. Yup, the car was running, the a/c was cranked to hot, the radio was blaring and there was me, on the outside looking in. Story of my life, lol!

An HOUR-plus later I was back in my car having walked home for the spare keys. So much for lunch as I only just had time to return home to meet someone who was to be dropping by but didn’t. Black Friday to the end. 😦

Anyways, as I sat in my car awaiting my “departure turn” this afternoon, I looked at the snow wondering if this snowfall would continue and… “mum, how much longer?”

How superstitious are you??

Growing up I remember a Black Friday being quite the big deal. Yes there were superstitions involved but it was all light-hearted and lots of fun. What else could it be with a black cat living in our house!

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be the same fun associated with Black Friday anymore. Well, for my aged children at least as the pubs and clubs still seem to celebrate such occasions.

So when I came across this cartoon it really tickled my fancy.

Black Cats Bad Luck

The really funny thing about this cartoon is that it wasn’t connected with a Black Friday, lol! Will there be a time when all these superstitions simply become distant memories and… “mum, how much longer?”