Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: White

When I read Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge this week was going to be WHITE I knew immediately what I wanted to post. Memories from just over a year ago came flooding back as if it was yesterday.

Whtie on White

As we sat in the comfort and security of our Arctic Crawler, we witnessed one of Mother’s Natures most glorious creations simply being… a mother polar bear and her cub playing. My goodness, it really doesn’t get much better then that!




Dreams put on Hold…


Dreams put on Hold

ROY G. BIV… a man who requires no introduction! (WPC)

Well maybe just a little introduction if you aren’t already familiar with him or this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge which is… ROY G. BIV.

This is the acronym for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET, or as I prefer to say… “all the colors of the rainbow“!

Originally my plan was to post just one VERY colorful photo but as looked around me yesterday morning I couldn’t resist creating my rainbow from my very own surroundings.

How blessed are we to be able to walk freely amongst such beauty? Such a glorious world!




Reward (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Reward. Oh how it’s open for interpretation!

From a purely selfish perspective though my REWARD this week thus far has simply been getting out of bed. I pray you NEVER get intimate knowledge of this flu that’s going around as it’s just plain NASTY; never has my throat hurt so much nor my head spun so much (well, without alcohol being involved at least, lol).

Therefore it was a wonderful reward Sunday afternoon when this bug first hit me, waiting for the coffee machine to release its miracle elixir for me, that I heard the sound of geese overhead. One of my all-time FAVOURITE sounds.

First Goose of the Season

Yes, I’m more than aware this is not the best shot, slightly blurred and all that but its still a moment which lifted my spirits so, so much. The week that now-is is so NOT that week that-was however with the sound of returning geese now filling the air, it’s not all THAT bad. {grumble, grumble}

It was the first time in six years I’ve had to postpone a workshop. I NEVER do that but as much as I love sharing my love of creating, sharing this bug though could have been a totally different story.

As to when I’m going to stop all my moaning and return to the land of the living… “mum, how much longer?”

Inner Passage – Alaska!

Sea Days are our favorite day when cruising. The ability to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty is just so liberating!

This morning it felt as if weren’t moving the ship was traveling so carefully and slowly as it made its way through the Inner Passage. It really felt at times as if we could lean over the rails to grab the trees!

Inner Passage Island - so close yet so far!

The morning may have been wet and grey but this afternoon the sun was out and in our “Haven”, it was particularly glorious. Yes, this is just outside our door, LITERALLY one meter from our cabin! 🙂

 Our Haven!

Then after a fabulous meal at the Teppanyaki Restaurant it was wonderful to get back to the cabin to see our coffee supply restocked. Ah yes, it’s the little things in life, lol!

Coffee Pods - what a delight!

Tomorrow is our first port of call at Ketchikan and our first shore excursion and all I can say is… “mum, how much longer?”

Every cloud has a silver lining…

And although the thermometers are reading extraordinarily low of late, the skies of a morning have been absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful Morning on a Cold Day

Sometimes the beauty of these morning doesn’t always transfer so well in a photography but trust me, the colors are glorious and always different!

Monday Morning Skies

Ah yes, another morning to give thanks to this incredible life we have been blessed with – magnificent scenery and good friends – life truly doesn’t get any better so for now I’m simply “livening the moment”, refusing to ask of our transient life-style… “mum, how much longer?”

A Cupboard full of Contemplation!

Thank goodness for good intentions as without them there would be no pantry full of ingredients for the wonderful delights I “intend” to create in the kitchen. And thanks to the combination of good intentions and lack of time, Master Twelve was able to fill two bags with groceries he wanted for the school’s Food Bank Drive.

Watching Young Sir in the pitch-black walking into school at 7.30 this morning with his ruck-sack full on his back, whilst balancing two bulging bags of groceries and a saxophone, my eyes filled with tears at the realization my boy is becoming a man. His understanding of responsibility not just to his family but to his school and his community made me so proud.

On returning home, I made Miss Ten and I French Toast, something we haven’t had since her birthday back in May I’ve been advised, lol. Shame on me, little wonder they tasted so darn good. Or was it they tasted so good as it was simply so nice sitting, chatting with my Darling Girl, learning about her week ahead as we munched on our breakfast? Me thinks it was the latter! 🙂

After she’d left for school, I couldn’t help but reflect on how blessed I am – a warm house, extra food in the cupboard, and happy, healthy children. Makes one stop and smell the roses… or at least the Spider-Mums in one’s vase!

Fresh Colored Flowers

PLUS, I spoke to my Hubby not once but twice this morning! Hubby left Thursday afternoon for an overnight stay in Vancouver for meetings and has yet to return. Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”

Sunshine on snow!

I know, I know… more of the same but the sun was back out in all its glory today and with the house full of young lads who seem to generate an extraordinary amount of energy thus requiring constant feeding, I spent what felt like quite a lot of time in the kitchen so please, allow me the luxury of looking out my kitchen window!

Sunshine on snow = beautiful!

And now as the lads have moved onto the next house for a sleep-over, calm and quietness has once again descended upon our house as the sun sends its last rays across the snow-capped mountains behind us. Everything is glorious!

It’s now time to let my shoulders sag and make yet another cup of tea before deciding whether or not to wander throughout the house enjoying this rare peace and solitude, or shall I make some noise of my own and get a little creative.

Decisions, decisions, but with the clock now ticking on tonight the real question is… “mum, how much longer?”