Washing away the cobwebs! (Macro Monday)

It’s not that it never rains here but for whatever reason last week, the raindrops on the pine needles had me completely and utterly transfixed.

However, it wasn’t until I sat down and began editing my raindrops that I noticed up in the top right-hand corner of this photo a beautifully woven spider’s web!





It’s a Wonderful World – Wordless Wednesday

Early Morning from Maroochydore Beach, Australia

Best Mother’s Day… EVER!

What can I say, I really did have the best Mother’s Day yesterday!

After receiving the most fabulous snuggles and gifts, including the obligatory flowers, in bed yesterday followed by the most delicious breakfast Darling Hubby made for me, I was left to my own devices for the day. How absolutely delightful!

Mother's Day Flowers

And what did I do? As my shoulder was still smarting from “my trip” last week, I decided to realign my Stampin’ Up! Color Families down in the Studio.

Well, something should be realigned I figured and for me, and me alone I’m sure but hey it was MY Mother’s Day, having the Color Families all sorted with their corresponding tags and scrap bags was simply bliss.

Stampin' Up! Color Families

I know, I know, it seems like such a dorky thing but to have all these colors and along with everything else in place in the Studio now means I’m no longer repeatedly asking myself…  “mum, how much long?”