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Rough with the Smooth (Wordless Wednesday)


Ferny Fence

My poor Nephrolepsis Exaltata!

Honestly I was literally moments away from declaring my Nephrolepsis Exaltata, or what I call a Boston Fern, fit only for the trash as each day it looked more and more bedraggled.

No matter what love I showered upon it, the fern withered before my eyes. It’s feather’s quite ruffled so to speak with this appearing below on the carpet every few days…

The depletion of the Boston Fern

Originally I took full responsibility thinking I hadn’t watered it enough, often forgetting that the house has internal heating that seems to dry EVERYTHING out without one realizing it. Remember, I’m from the Southern Hemisphere so this is not something I’ve grown up with. Turns out it wasn’t me after-all as was revealed last night.

Well THAT explains the fern then

What Rat-bags they are to be playing not just WITH my fern but actually IN my fern but it certainly explained a LOT of things. Fittingly no amount of “tweaking” will rid Miss Poppy of her devil eyes and she’s not even the cat in the foliage, lol!

This morning my fern is restored to its former self as best as possible with the floor below cleared of any debris but… “mum, how much longer?”