Natures own Wrapping (Monochrome Monday)

This small branch, in its very own wrapping was in our carport the day we moved into our new home last December. Almost like a welcoming gift. It was then rehoused on a window sill where it sat for the longest time before eventually disappearing.

Natures own Wrapping

The colours and textures this natural covering creates is seemingly unlimited, providing the most wonderful subject matter to photograph.





Reaching for the Clouds (Monochrome Monday)

Whilst attempting to capture some new images of the deer who frequent our backyard, from the corner of my eye this tree caught my attention.

Reach for the Clouds

It was as if the tree was pushing its branches towards the sky to hasten the process of Spring. Personally I’m in no hurry but it would seem as if Mother Nature has her own ideas.




Branching Out (Monochrome Monday)

For this week’s Monochrome Monday I’m getting up close and personal with nature.

Branching Out!

I stumbled upon this branch whilst stalking mushrooms last month. Although not quite the fungi I was hunting, I still found the textures and tones of it more than appealing.