Lovin’ the Pink (iPhriday Flowers)

The stunning colour in this flower which was surrounded by so many promising buds, more than caught my attention whilst wandering the Brisbane Botanical Gardens earlier this year.

Lovin' the Pink

Once again I’m lovin’ this opportunity offered by Lisa over at GrayDaysandCoffee for iPhone photos. It’s such a hoot playing with images on the phone!







Down the Barrel of a Cannon (Monochrome Madness)

Located on the banks of the Brisbane River at the Botanical Gardens is this cannon, one of the twelve that were brought over in 1862 from Great Britain, to defend the new colony of Queensland.

Looking down the Barrel

The cannons were mainly used for training, signalling, or ceremonial firings. From the 1,900’s the cannons became merely ornamental, with the cannons being relocated throughout the state of Queensland time and time again.





Hidden Burst of Sunshine (iPhriday Flowers)


Hidden Burst of Sunshine


Gray Days and Coffee







Spot the Colourful Odd Man Out (Wordless Wednesday)


Odd Man Out







Odd Man Out (Muted Monochrome Monday)


Odd Man Out








Natural Contrasts (iPhriday Flowers)



Gray Days and Coffee






Chameleon by Another Name (OWPC: Chameleon)


Chamelon by another Name