Following the river home (Wordless Wednesday)







Canadian Country (MM27)

This month’s Monochrome Madness theme from  Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY  is COUNTRY. Initially I chose a photograph from my visit to Australia back in March as nothing says country more to me than a kangaroo sitting under a tree.

Then as I sat down to write this post I felt conflicted submitting a photo from Australia when I like to now call Canada home. Back through the archives I went to find this shot from our adventures through British Columbia in May.

Canadian Country - MM27

I briefly considered lightening this photograph somewhat but as I did so I simply wasn’t happy with the result. If you haven’t already guessed, I rather like my captures to be on the dark side, that’s simply me.

Especially given the state of disrepair these two buildings are in. Their glory days are obviously behind them with mother nature moving in to reclaim what was rightfully hers to begin with.

But on the plus-side of changing my mind at the moment, I have now have one or two images for future Monochrome Mondays. Of course there’ll be NO prizes for guessing what those images will be, lol! 🙂





Different kind of Beauty (One Four Challenge: Week 1)

A new month, another One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. Robyn’s challenge is to choose one photo of your choice then each week for the next four weeks, process it a different way.

This is a photo I took off the structure that surrounds the actual hot springs out at Harrison Hot Springs. For today I simply added the Miniature Effect which boosts up the contrast , slightly blurring the edges.

Yesterdays Beauty 1-4-1

There’s no denying I was expecting something a little more impressive of Harrison Hot Springs having spent an evening at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland but hey, it was a lovely morning and the company was rather good also! 🙂

the ONE FOUR Challenge




A Beautiful Ending (MM2-17)


Being the end of the month this should be my last “water themed” submission for Monochrome Madness over at Leanne Cole Photography .

Yes, I may have had one or five options for the ONCE a month challenge, with this month’s theme being water, at the beginning of the month but hey, waste not, want not I say, lol!

A Beautiful Ending BW

As if seeing Mama Bear wasn’t enough on our first day on Vancouver Island, Mother Nature also gave us this, the most glorious sunset as a special welcome.

It may have been the end of the day but it was a wonderful prelude to our holiday!

Leanne Cole Photography




Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 4)

Here we are at Week 4 of the One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge you select a photo at the beginning of the month and each week process it in a different way. This is my Week 4.

Pretty Bird 1-4-4

These were my previous week’s contribution…

This is the photo that began it all…

Pretty Bird Original

And now I’m off to have a cup of coffee to ponder what I could possible do next month. Oh how I love a challenge, lol!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Path to Another World (Wordless Wednesday)


Path to Another World

Fuzzy Beginnings (Macro Monday)


This plant was so intriguing as it seemed to have so many components to it and it was all covered in a wonderful light pink fuzz. As I said, intriguing.

Fuzzy Beginnings

And of course, what would it be if it wasn’t all held together with the thinnest, the most delicate of spider webs. In the words of Louis Armstrong… “what a wonderful world!”



The Way to Wishes… (Silent Saturday)

The Way to Wishes...

Travel Theme: MODERN Art!

The plan was to have Mother’s Day lunch this year at a little restaurant in Tofino, Vancouver Island, called Wolf in the Fog which both Hubby and I had read a great review about.

On arriving at the restaurant we realized we didn’t have reservations and being Mother’s Day, yikes. We needn’t have worried though as it turned out the restaurant was only open for dinners, even on Mother’s Day.

Travel Wolf in the Fog!

A small consolation was when we’d finished our drinks in the downstairs bar/cafe area, we were allowed upstairs to see the restaurant. It wasn’t what either of us remembered from the review. This setting was very sleek.

Completing this ultra-MODERN look was the wolf constructed from drift-wood over a metal framed standing on its own mirrored stage. It was rather splendid and certainly complimented the overall modern appearance.

Where's my Backpack?



Enveloped in Nature’s Beauty (WPC)

The Daily Post’s word for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ENVELOPED… as was Tofino on Vancouver Island in nature’s most glorious colors both on land and water!

 Enveloped in Natures Colors

Hubby and Son surprised me on Mother’s Day with a sea-plane flight for the family over Tofino where we looked down upon this beautiful sight and so many other amazing sights. We also flew over glaciers, hidden inlets, islands claimed by sea-lions, and saw a mother humpback whale with her calf to name but a few.

It was such a wonderful treat – I feel so blessed to not only have seen some of Mother’s Nature’s finest work from above but to have a family that knows me so well and what’s more, wants to share these experiences with me!