Dude, it’s not as bad as it looks! (Wordless Wednesday)




Same time, same place, for the last three years! (Wordless Wednesday)








Our Backyard Elder (OWPC: Elder)

It’s been a few weeks since Big Buck graced us with his presence in our backyard and even longer since I took this photo of him sitting, basking in the afternoon autumn sun.


What’s interesting is, whenever he does come to visit now, he seldom comes alone as he was here. It’s intriguing how he always comes with an entourage of the same additional four, Little Buck and three does.





We call him Buck, Buck Rogers! (Wordless Wednesday)








So Local they made themselves at home! (WPC: Local)

What a time we had with the locals in our area of late. Beginning Sunday morning, then off and on until yesterday morning (Monday), they’ve more than made themselves at home on our property, wandering through willy-nilly.

First it was a determined young doe climbing onto the roof of our back shed in search of the tastiest morsel. One can only assume she was satisfied with her nibblings!


Then at midday (in what could be deemed to be a lot of women’s fantasy come true) a divine young buck set up camp under my bedroom window, staying almost until sunset. Standing on occasion to rut the bush beside him before settling back down.


Then yesterday morning, having dropped the children at school and run a few errands, on returning home I noticed this little one between our back stumps taking what was obviously a much-needed rest. The poor little thing was breathing so hard.


The local deer are always welcome at our house. When out picking up Halloween decorations on Saturday, Miss Thirteen and I even spotted two deer walking through the car park of our local grocery shop. The best part – they even use the zebra crossings!

And just so happens this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is… LOCAL!