Look who came to visit on Saturday! (Wordless Wednesday)

Mother and Baby




So NOT what you think!!! (Wordless Wednesday)

So NOT what you think







The view from my sunroom! (Wordless Wednesday)

My Orcas





A Portrait of Cedric (Monochrome Monday)

Last week I posted the colour version of our Cedric on Instagram. However today I wanted to see how striking he would be in a monochrome version.

A Portrait of Cedric

This little guy was on a branch directly outside the window off our kitchen. He couldn’t have been more than two-feet away, seeming as interested in us as we were of him!






Slowly but surely I’m catching up with all the wonderful photo challenges I was once participating in.

It’s been quite awhile since joining in with the wonderful One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells but there seemed no better time to jump back in then with this week’s word… BEE!

Bee Beautiful

This capture from last summer came immediately to mind and when amazingly I found it on my laptop (since we’re currently away from home and my external hard-drive) I knew it was meant to be.






Oh deer, do you see what I see?! (Monochrome Monday)

Last Sunday we had three deer who spent the day in our backyard. During the morning they ran around, chasing each other like puppies. They’d stand there panting and puffing after each lap around the barbeque shed.

Oh deer do you see what I see

A little later after all their playing they returned to sit and rest. Occasionally they turn their heads to the side to nibble on the grass but for a good couple of hours they were content to simply sit.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to go out onto the deck to take a few snaps. Watching this particular guy reminded me of watching Master Fourteen chew gum at times… only it looked far more becoming on the deer!




Chained Beauty! (Flower Friday)


Barbed Beauty




It’s a new year, a new view, a new adventure!

Given it was such a rush to the 2015 finish line, it’s nice now to be able to sit back with a nice demitasse, admiring my new view. Be it watching the sun rise, the sun set, or everything in-between, it’s simply glorious!

New Year New View

No longer will Mount Elizabeth be my soothing image whilst I do my dishes. Instead it will be the calming influence of this stretch of water with a hint of snow-covered mountains in the background.

It’s a new year, a new house, and a new adventure… yep, 2016 is shaping up to be a very good year!




My INSPIRATION (Travel Theme: Inspiration)

This week Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack, has chosen the word INSPIRATION for this week’s Travel Theme. Fortunately I need go no further then my kitchen window when in need of inspiration.

Inspiration Outside

Imagine my delight only yesterday as I’m waiting for my coffee, seeing this Bald Eagle settle in a tree just outside my kitchen window. A little something special on a day that kinda needed it.





Low Aperture (OWPC: Aperture)

Today, well this entire week actually, isn’t going as planned as life has once again thrown us a huge curve-ball. Nothing life-threatening, so no worries on that front, but it’s enough to have my thoughts shooting in a thousand different directions.

So here I am, VERY late and VERY unorganized (you have NO idea how much THAT pains me) with my take on APERTURE – Jennifer Nichole Well’s word for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.

Rising Moon

Choosing a larger aperture for last night’s full moon allowed me far more detail of the moon but caused the surrounding mountains to somewhat disappear. In this capture you can just see a glimpse of my Lovely Liz on the bottom right-hand corner of the moon.

And who knows, perhaps if I actually mounted my camera on a tripod it would be even easier to get these full moon shots but if I did that, the sun would be rising by the time I had everything set up. Given how everything is right now, something at least is better than nothing, lol!