The Quest for Water (WPC: Quest)

There’s something so special about Canadian Geese. They seem to have an “air” about them. So, one afternoon when we chanced upon some geese taking a Sunday stroll to the water’s edge, we had to stop to watch the parade.


The track of footprints they were leaving behind them was particularly delightful! QUEST is this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post.






Coming or Going? (Wordless Wednesday)


Coming or Going?




Reward (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Reward. Oh how it’s open for interpretation!

From a purely selfish perspective though my REWARD this week thus far has simply been getting out of bed. I pray you NEVER get intimate knowledge of this flu that’s going around as it’s just plain NASTY; never has my throat hurt so much nor my head spun so much (well, without alcohol being involved at least, lol).

Therefore it was a wonderful reward Sunday afternoon when this bug first hit me, waiting for the coffee machine to release its miracle elixir for me, that I heard the sound of geese overhead. One of my all-time FAVOURITE sounds.

First Goose of the Season

Yes, I’m more than aware this is not the best shot, slightly blurred and all that but its still a moment which lifted my spirits so, so much. The week that now-is is so NOT that week that-was however with the sound of returning geese now filling the air, it’s not all THAT bad. {grumble, grumble}

It was the first time in six years I’ve had to postpone a workshop. I NEVER do that but as much as I love sharing my love of creating, sharing this bug though could have been a totally different story.

As to when I’m going to stop all my moaning and return to the land of the living… “mum, how much longer?”

A sure sign the cold is coming!

The signs were certainly there over the week-end that this week was going to be cold but as is so often the case in life, it’s only on reflection that you see the signs.

A perfect example was on Sunday, even over the sounds of the house-hold one could hear the honking. And I’m not talking about the honking of a car horn. No, this sound was the honking of the geese flying south for the winter!

Heading south for the winter!

As large as this flock is, it’s actually one of the smaller groups that flew over our house. And like all families traveling on mass, this one was loud, REAL loud, lol! 🙂

Over the space of maybe ninety minutes, hundreds and hundreds of what I can only assume were Canadian Geese, began making their annual pilgrimage south. Talk about a mass exodus – it was like the Boxing Day sales – only for geese!

Question now is, when will they be back… “mum, how much longer?”