Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 4)

Here we are at Week 4 of the One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge you select a photo at the beginning of the month and each week process it in a different way. This is my Week 4.

Pretty Bird 1-4-4

These were my previous week’s contribution…

This is the photo that began it all…

Pretty Bird Original

And now I’m off to have a cup of coffee to ponder what I could possible do next month. Oh how I love a challenge, lol!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 2)


Okie Dokie, here we are at Week Two of Robyn’s from Captivate Me One Four Challenge and I have to say I was absolutely stumped. No matter what I did, it seemed to always have the same end result until I discovered the “reflection” effect.

Pretty Bird 1-4-2 Challenge

Having tweaked the hues and contrast as much as possible then cropped the bird mercilessly, I then reflected the image, managing to add a wonderful gradient to the overall photo at the same time.

This is so totally out of my realm but that’s what I love/hate about this challenge, it is so freakin‘ challenging, lol! 😉


the ONE FOUR Challenge




the ONE FOUR Challenge: Week 4


Here it is, Week Four of the One Four Challenge by Captivate Mephew! Now for the big reveal, this was my original photo!

One Four Challenge - Original

For Week 4 I did a Black and White with a subtle Vignette, also reducing the Midpoint for that centre glow appearance. Just for kicks I’ve included my previous weeks for a comparison.

Well, there’s no denying that this was indeed a challenge and all I was changing was a rose. However, it certainly reinforced my need to do something about my photo software. There’s nothing like incentive to get one motivated that’s for sure!

Now, what to choose for next month’s One Four Challenge

the ONE FOUR Challenge




the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 1

Having read and watched many of these challenges over time, I’m taking the plunge this week to participate in the One Four Challenge over at Captivate Me.

What it is, you choose one of your photographs then, once a week you process it differently hence after four weeks you have your ONE photo but FOUR ways. As you can see for my first attempt I’ve chosen my photo of a rose bud just opening. Okay, so here’s my Week 1…

One Four - Week 1

For this first week both the Luminance and Vibrance were increased to the max whilst decreasing the shadows creating that softness to the edges.

Now, what shall I do next week to make it different…

the ONE FOUR Challenge