Fully Loaded! (Wordless Wednesday)





Early Morning Light (A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed)

As I hurriedly loaded the dishwasher before driving the children to school one morning before Christmas, I noticed some coloured lights out on the water. Quickly I grabbed my camera, took some shots and just missed that moment in time.


In my haste of course I had neither checked nor changed the settings on my camera hence the captures weren’t quite as anticipated. That moment of what appears to be pilot ship meeting the cargo shipped, just missed. Next time!








Ghost Ship (Monochrome Monday)

As the snowfall became heavier and heavier, it was as if the harbour was making the most of the opportunity to swallow up this huge cargo under the cloak of whiteness.


As it sailed behind this tree, it would not have surprised me in the least if it hadn’t appeared on the other side. It sent shivers down my spine as I watched.






Looking for the Edge (WPC: Edge)

This week we have been experiencing the most spectacular fog of a morning. The photo below was taken at 11am Sunday morning. On a normal day you’d see islands in the background but not so this day. Nor the next day come to think of it!

The water's edge

In this thick fog it’s difficult to determine if there’s even an EDGE between the water and the islands. The contrast of this cargo ship against the fog making the ship’s colours that much more vivid.

Edge being the Weekly Photo Challenge word from The Daily Post.