September’s One Focus Photo… albeit a “smidge” late!

This was meant to be in with Stacy at Visual Venturing last week but once again I managed to “lose” two weeks (wish I could lose weight that easy…) hence I’m playing catch up this week at an alarming speed.

Here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph submitted by Benjamin Rowe.

One Focus September

This is Benjamin Rowe’s original photograph. As you can see I’ve taken out all the benches, removed a roof from behind the right wall whilst also removing the bitumen path, then cropped and played with contrast and hues then added a border.

One Focus Friday - Benjamin Rowe

Not much at all, just a little tweaking, lol! To see all the other interpretations of this one photograph, click on Stacy’s icon below. This challenge for me highlights what I love about photography, we all see the same thing yet see it so very differently!






Not quite a shortcut!

After careful consideration crossing through the middle of Central Park seemed such a good shortcut and would save us so much time. How wrong could one person be but if we hadn’t taken this path we would have missed so much!

A casual stroll through Central Park!

Who knew there was a castle in Central Park?!

Family Castle Time

And giant bubbles!

Pretty shiny little bubbles!

Even a zoo!

There's a zoo!

Our walk took much longer than anticipated but eventually we made it to the other side and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibitions were fabulous, the Armor displays particularly.

Amazing Armor!

In fact the Armor was so good it “floored” the children!

Trampled children at the MET!

Then of course there was also the obligatory photo on the steps!

The MET steps

After the photo and hot-dog it was onto the Guggenheim, tick!

The famous Guggenheim!

Who knew the Kandinsky’s would be such an immediate inspiration!

Kandinsky's in the making!

From one extreme to the next, it was onto the Harry Potter Exhibition!

Harry Potter

After dinner we girls went onto Macy’s Spring Flower Show!

Macy's Spring Flower Show

After such an intoxicating day there wasn’t one… “mum, how much longer?”