Puppy Day (Thursday Thoughts)

It almost makes me what to get a puppy just so we can celebrate Puppy Day. Then I think about the chewed up shoes and the twice-daily walks come rain or shine.


That’s when reality hits – walking in the rain is not so romantic on a cold winter’s morning. For now we’ll continue paying the mortgage on the cats house whilst waiting on their every whim!





The Truth about Cats! (OWPC: Cat)

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… CAT. Having two cats with quite the personalities there was no shortage of possible photos for this challenge. As you can see though, I didn’t use any of them!

The Truth about Cats!

Instead I went with this cartoon I came across last year which, if you are a cat person, I tend to think has more than a little truth about it!






Cage your cat Woman! (OWPC: Cage)

Without a shadow of a doubt this is what Cedric was telling me. Again. and again and again, “CAGE YOUR CAT WOMAN!” Pardon the pun but this little squirrel was really doing his nut!

Cage your cat woman

For the first time since moving here in December, our two cats were allowed outside to wander and explore. Poppy, completely oblivious to the squirrel-shreeking above her, happened to be under the same tree as Cedric here.

On stepping out to the side-deck to see what all the commotion was about, I was immediately at eye level to Cedric, who didn’t miss a beat on making eye contact with me. I just laughed as Poppy, still completely unaware to what was going on above her, continued to sniff under a bush directly below the squirrel.

Cage is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. If you aren’t already familiar with this fun challenge you really should click the link below to have a look – it’s well worth your time!






Sad but true…

Honestly, we don’t do it intentionally but…

Sadly its true...

“Officially” over until the Fall

Sadly the BC teacher’s strike made this official last day of the school year rather anticlimactic. There will be no jumping and shouting, nor hollers of delight come ten-to and ten-past three this afternoon.

Perhaps it’s just me but sometimes it feels as if the BC Labor Relations Board is sitting on the fence with this issue. Much like Sir Fergus the other afternoon.

Just who IS it sitting on the fence?

In reality this cat is a very long, very sleek creature but in this photo he’s disguised that part of him extraordinarily well. He heard me calling him for dinner but his “rebellious” side had him remaining on our neighbors fence feigning ignorance.

Being rebellious may seem clever at the time but what happened was that Miss Poppy ate his dinner then sat waiting at the window for him to return, promptly giving him a right biff over the ear when he eventually graced us with his presence.

Sitting on the fence might seem like the easy thing to do at the time but ultimately something needs to be done. When it comes to our children’s education… “mum, how much longer?”

Frozen in Time – WHY?!

Given the current exceptionally cold weather we are encountering thanks to this Arctic Outflow, we are very wary of allowing the cats outside for their daily romp.

Whenever Miss Poppy has the chance she does the very same thing, heads directly over to the neighbor’s yard and promptly goes into a trance like state! What has caught her undivided attention?

Miss P WHAT has your interest???

No amount of cajoling or coaxing will have her look side-ways. Master Twelve and I almost fell over in disbelief having tried everything to get her attention yet without any success so gave up but on glancing on the window 20-minutes later she was in EXACTLY the same position… “Miss Poppy, how much longer?”

Cats dealing with Christmas!

Miss Poppy and Sir Fergus were part of all the families festivities Christmas Day, although perhaps one more so than the other.

Hubby’s aunt for Christmas gave the family one of those new Anki Drive sets. It’s the new-age version of slots cars as instead of slots these cars run on a specially formulated mat and are controlled via Bluetooth from your Apple device with advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Yeah, try dealing with THAT first thing Christmas morning – talk about a head spin, lol!

Cat Candy of another kind

After the children had initially downloaded the app we were all in awe of this Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was rather freaky in the least seeing how the children could be in control of a car each but a third car could also be on the track driving thanks to AI. And it wasn’t just us that impressed with these racing vehicles.

As the cars raced around the tracks, the curtains behind Master Twelve would occasionally be gently parted, allowing Miss Poppy a peek at proceedings. At times she was completely mesmerized by what she was seeing!

Peeping Cat - thank goodness she's all girl so there's no peeping Tom!

Sir Fergus on the other-hand took the opportunity whilst everyone was absorbed with the cars to find himself an extremely cosy little corner to sleep in.

If it hadn’t been for the bells on his collar along with one ear and one whisker, we may never have found him sleeping in amongst all the pillows Master Twelve had “procured” on his top bunk in readiness of Boxing Day Sales.

Camouflage Cat your ear is showing, lol!

His ear remained up for only long enough for me to get this photo as then his head was back down to sleep once more without even a hint of… “mum, how much longer?”

And HE’S offended???

Our cats never ever leave us in doubt as to when they have the poops with us. When things aren’t going their way, be assured they’ll stride down the stairs directly to their litter box and within moments a “cloud” of revenge is filling the house.

So when I checked today’s calendar and turned up this cartoon I had a good chuckle to myself as “bio-haz” is a good choice of word for what can sit darker than a black cloud in our basement.

No truer words have been spoken!

 Honestly, there are times I think even a hazmat suit isn’t protection enough for removing that waste, lol!

Oh yes, when our cats have the poops with us we are ALL begging…  “mum, how much longer?”

Uh-oh… will this be waiting for us?!

After all this time away, and even though we know the puss-cats are being well cared for, they are puss-cats and aren’t afraid to share their feelings. So, as we make our way home I begin to become a little anxious as to what will be greeting us on our return. Will it be this?

Thinking outside the box - I SO hope not!Fingers-crossed this is so NOT our welcome home gift but with puss-cats, you just NEVER know! Our puss-cats are NEVER happy with the vacations that take us away so I’m dreading walking in the house to “see” what they are thinking.

As we drive up to the house this evening will we see two sets of eye glaring at us from above with a look that says… “mum, how much longer?”

Back to school… if only for 2 hours!

Have we really had nine weeks of Summer Vacation? It seems to have been and gone in a flash.

Of the all the things that Master Twelve and Miss Ten either achieved or attempted over this Summer Vacation, and trust me there’s been QUITE a lot, this hasn’t been one of them. I have a hunch however that this has been pondered on more than one occasion though! 🙂

Last Day of School Vacation Fun

First day back and already we’re doubled booked for this evening! Why must everything happen at once?

Seriously, if this is a taste of how things are gearing up for this school year, excuse me please as I’m about to run down the road, tearing my hair out, all the while screaming… “mum, how much longer?”