Unlock your inner Unicorn! (OWPC – lock)

Don’t you just love this unicorn we picked up last month at the local Christmas Craft Fair? It is so, so cute. Every time I walk past our ornament tree I can’t help but smile at it.

Lock is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.





Whoo whoo likes Christmas? (Macro Monday)

What’s not to love about this cute little owl nestled amongst the branches of our foyer Christmas tree, keeping his delicate glass self out of harms way?

At least one hopes this owl is out of harms way. With two cats that seem to digress to kitten mode whenever the temperatures begin dropping, it’s hard to know for certain!








Tizzied up trivet! (Macro Monday)

When I first began preparing the house for Christmas last month, this small metal trivet actually had a ten-inch glass cloche covering the candle and baubles. It did have. Note, past tense.

Since then, Sir Fergus on one of his nightly escapades, on jumping through the foyer/dining room alcove, knocked one of the candle stick holders onto the trivet. Interestingly the glass didn’t shatter there. Oh no, that would have been WAY too easy.

Bizarrely the cloche somehow was knocked completely off the trivet onto the ground where it shattered into a thousand pieces. All I wanted was a quick coffee before my shower but instead there I was searching for broken glass… ugh!






Seriously, who can sleep?


3 Sleeps





Macy’s Flying Reindeer! (iPhriday)

How fabulous it was to look above me in Macy’s to see Santa and his reindeer flying around New York City, complete with the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building and of course Macy’s!

Macy's Sleigh Decorations

And there wasn’t just the one of these, there were more of these on the floor, each with a different setting. Given the sheer size of these decorations, where on earth are they all stored? And how?





Macy’s Christmas Baubles! (iPhriday)

On visiting Macy’s last Christmas, there’s no denying I had more than a little Christmas Bauble Envy on seeing what they had hanging from their ceilings.

Macys Ball

What I found most astonishing with these decorations is that they looked so absolutely spectacular but as you can see here, there wasn’t an over abundance of baubles, just perfectly chosen and placed ones.

Just goes to show, one can’t simply place one’s baubles willy-nilly, it must be well thought out and structured!





How many sleeps until Christmas?


17 Sleeps