Too soon for a Melt Down! (Wordless Wednesday)








Cupcake Christmas! (Macro Monday)

When visiting the Christmas House in Akureyri, Iceland with two small children, what else does one buy but a snowman in a cupcake liner to add to the tree.

Cupcake Snowman

Given our love for cupcakes and our newly discovered love for snow, this seemed more than apt. Plus it’s a fun reminder of the wonderful adventures we had whilst living in Iceland!





Holly Jolly

It was wonderful being able to show the children what ACTUAL Holly plants looked like whilst we were in St Johns, Newfoundland.

Holly Jolly

It was almost sad to know they thought Holly was simply a Christmas ornament. Rather reflective our society I fear – if you can’t / don’t see the real thing, who’s to say it really exists?

This makes me more and more determined to show our children as much of the world as possible so they can make assumptions based on facts and their own experiences. Guess I’ll be hearing a lot more of… “mum, how much longer?”