Merry Christmas!

As the clock slowly moves closer to Christmas Eve and the smell of baking fills the air, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for making the time throughout the year to visit with me here.  I am so very grateful!

Christmas 2018 Photo.jpg

Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2019!
Joanne x





All the magic of Christmas!

From our house to yours…
we wish you, your family and friends all the magic of Christmas!

May your 2018 be filled with more good times then bad,
more happy days then sad – until next year!

Joanne x







Images within the Camera! (Macro Monday)

The instant I saw this ornament last year I knew it had to be mine. That tiny scene created within the camera itself spoke volumes to me as so often when I take a photo, it’s as much about the memory of that moment as it is about that one image.

Image within the Camera

Finding ornaments then for the rest of the family of course took a little longer, especially since mine was so meaningful. Then I dragged them to New York to put them in our stockings, then dragged them home again. The things we do for Christmas!




Favourite Ornament (Macro Monday)

This is the very first Christmas ornament Hubby and I bought together as couple. That memory alone always makes me smile but then I see those movable legs on the cat and I can’t help but grin!

Favourtie Ornament

We’re trying something different this year with our Christmas Tree. This year we have a colour coordinated tree but I have to say, as pretty as it is, the tree with the mismatched ornaments that all tell their own story will always be my favourite!




Let the countdown begin! (WPC: Transition)

Yea, it’s finally December hence the countdown can now officially commence. Only twenty-three days and some hours to go but hey, who’s counting?! I AM!!!


Making the TRANSITION (the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week) from everyday life to… the build-up to Christmas life… woo hoo!!!






Only 31 Sleeps until Christmas – woo hoo!!!

Our Christmas decorations were all up Remembrance week-end much to the annoyance of many but like I say… “tell someone who cares – I LOVE CHRISTMAS, lol!!!” 🙂

It always amuses me how absolutely infuriated some become when the decorations go up so early but why not in the Northern Hemisphere I ask? Truly, what better place is there for appreciating Christmas lights. Yep, if one can put lights into it, one should shouldn’t one?!

Mad Hatters Christmas!!!

And how cute is Rudy? A few weeks ago Hubby went out for wood to build a frame for our trailer and came home with him, along with the wood of course! 🙂

Rudy is IN the house!!!

With only one calendar month until Christmas the time has come and gone for making lists; it’s now time to be checking those list twice to avoid pulling one’s hair out whilst screaming… “mum, how much longer?”