Jolly Holly (iPhriday Flowers)

‘Tis the season for holly. I just love it. Honestly, I could have vases of holly all over the house for December. It’s so beautiful and has such a lovely Christmas feel to it… a visual feel that is, lol!😂


Could be a good time to start looking into some plants for the garden in preparation for future Christmases I think. Plus I’m sure holly wouldn’t be that enticing to our deer but you never know!




The “Smell” of Christmas!

The smell of rosemary will always remind of stuffing, but not turkey stuffing. It will forever remind me of growing up with our Sunday lunch of roast chicken with a hint of rosemary in the stuffing. Every week it was the same, it never changed.

Then I was given a rosemary bush which Hubby couldn’t get enough of. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, contained Rosemary, ugh. Oh how I began loathing the smell of rosemary. That was until this! How fabulous is this for a table?

Rosemary and Cranberry Candle

My love of rosemary may JUST be returning. Admittedly the aroma of rosemary and cranberry doesn’t actually fill the air but as the woman I worked for in Germany would often say, its “visually pleasing“!

Odd how I often think of her and ask myself if what I’m doing is visually appealing. At the time though every time that woman uttered that phrase I would scream in my head… “mum, how much longer?”

Snow Day = Home Day!!!

The snow did continue to fall last night having us wake to almost a foot of light and fluffy snow. There didn’t appear to have been a breath of air judging by the amount of snow accumulated on these two love-birds. It was just beautiful.

Flamingoes in the Snow - sweet!

That was until the garage door went up then the ugly realization set-in that before driving out, the drive-way had to be cleared. Yes, you can drive over the top of it but one pays the price for that luxury later when clearing it.

The clincher was that neither Master Twelve or I could remember how to use the snow-blower so as he shoveled, I stared at the snow-blower as if telepathy was going to start it. In the interim my wonderful neighbor came across with his snow-blower and without any hesitation, cleared our drive-way.

I cried tears of pure joy as my drive-way was revealed, proving yet again that it’s moments one remembers most, not things. Two hours later I was crying again but not with joy as most of the town lost power resulting in school being cancelled for the day. Winter break had begun early but alas, at this house presents still had to be wrapped and stockings had yet to be sorted.

My saving grace was that I couldn’t open the garage door and our fishing truck turned out to have a flat battery. So while Miss Ten went to a friend’s, poor Master Twelve trudged home in the snow and I frantically condensed an entire day into 30 minutes; all the while screeching… “mum, how much longer?”

Only 31 Sleeps until Christmas – woo hoo!!!

Our Christmas decorations were all up Remembrance week-end much to the annoyance of many but like I say… “tell someone who cares – I LOVE CHRISTMAS, lol!!!” 🙂

It always amuses me how absolutely infuriated some become when the decorations go up so early but why not in the Northern Hemisphere I ask? Truly, what better place is there for appreciating Christmas lights. Yep, if one can put lights into it, one should shouldn’t one?!

Mad Hatters Christmas!!!

And how cute is Rudy? A few weeks ago Hubby went out for wood to build a frame for our trailer and came home with him, along with the wood of course! 🙂

Rudy is IN the house!!!

With only one calendar month until Christmas the time has come and gone for making lists; it’s now time to be checking those list twice to avoid pulling one’s hair out whilst screaming… “mum, how much longer?”