Merry Christmas!

As the clock slowly moves closer to Christmas Eve and the smell of baking fills the air, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for making the time throughout the year to visit with me here.  I am so very grateful!

Christmas 2018 Photo.jpg

Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2019!
Joanne x





Blushing Santa! (Christmas Countdown)

This plush little blushing Santa is so very colorful in his suit of pink, blue and green. He was bought when we unexpectedly found ourselves in Australia for Christmas, celebrating another two, before moving to Canada.

Our belongings had been packed up months earlier for transporting to Canada. Then came the GFC, postponing our move. Christmas was in two weeks, decorations were needed. It would be four months before our belongings returned to us.








A little bird told me… (Wordless Wednesday)









Unlock your inner Unicorn! (OWPC – lock)

Don’t you just love this unicorn we picked up last month at the local Christmas Craft Fair? It is so, so cute. Every time I walk past our ornament tree I can’t help but smile at it.

Lock is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.





Seriously, do I LOOK like a Llama? (OWPC – Llama)

This is Herbert. I’d popped into the grocery store last month to simply pick up some milk and came away with Herbert. Herbert being the name the woman behind me in line named him. It stuck. He looks like a Herbert.

Herbert really is rockin’ the rustic vibe with all those pine-cones, twigs and burlap. His facial expression though for me is priceless. He really does appear to be quite shocked at being called a Llama.

Llama is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.






Images within the Camera! (Macro Monday)

The instant I saw this ornament last year I knew it had to be mine. That tiny scene created within the camera itself spoke volumes to me as so often when I take a photo, it’s as much about the memory of that moment as it is about that one image.

Image within the Camera

Finding ornaments then for the rest of the family of course took a little longer, especially since mine was so meaningful. Then I dragged them to New York to put them in our stockings, then dragged them home again. The things we do for Christmas!




Favourite Ornament (Macro Monday)

This is the very first Christmas ornament Hubby and I bought together as couple. That memory alone always makes me smile but then I see those movable legs on the cat and I can’t help but grin!

Favourtie Ornament

We’re trying something different this year with our Christmas Tree. This year we have a colour coordinated tree but I have to say, as pretty as it is, the tree with the mismatched ornaments that all tell their own story will always be my favourite!




First glimpses of Tallinn, Estonia!

Hubby had had meetings unexpectedly in Tallinn just prior to Christmas then was asked to return again in the new year. Since he was going to be there longer and with a hotel room already booked, he suggested that perhaps I’d like to join him once his business in Scandinavia concluded.

Honestly I didn’t think he was serious hence it was a mad scramble making arrangements for the children who, for the first time EVER, would not be joining us. Once the bank balance was consulted, my flights were confirmed on his way to the airport, lol!

Finally with children secured and three flights behind me, I arrived into Tallinn under the cloak of darkness last Tuesday evening so come Wednesday morning, having been awake since 4am, I was more than ready for some quick sight-seeing before Hubby left for his meetings. With our hotel located in the Medieval Old Town there was something to be seen everywhere you looked.

Almost beside our hotel was Saint Olaf’s Church. It dates back to 1267 with its current form taking shape in the 16th Century. Between 1549 to 1625 this church was known as the tallest building in the World! Plus, the story is that during Soviet times, the KGB used this tall spire for radio communications.

Saint Olaf's Church

Walking down the street with its cobble-stones, it wasn’t hard to feel as if we’d been transported back in time. Reval as Tallinn was originally known as, became “the” spot in the 13th-Century for traders who helped shape this city with this unique beauty we see now, completely enclosed within its own city wall!

Walking down Pikk Street... OUR street!

Then turning the corner to the Town Square it was if Christmas had arrived again when we saw the city’s Christmas Tree still on display and better yet, the Christmas Markets still in place. How’s this for fate though, little did we know after we went back that afternoon after they’d opened the markets, this was their LAST day!

Town Square with Christmas Markets

Tallinn’s Old City is simply beautiful with its old world charm and wonderful coffee shops. There’s so much to show you that it will take days, if not weeks so be warned. For a change it may be YOU instead of my children declaring… “mum, how much longer?”