Just ONE of Macy’s Christmas Windows! (iPhriday)

This is just one of the window displays Macy had last Christmas. At the time, although I didn’t quite understand the whole “interstellar” concept, I did appreciate all the attention to detail. The windows were just gorgeous!

Macy Christmas Window

And of course, now as I see my photos on the big screen, I finally see the story written at the bottom of the window. Hey, it was New York City and we were getting a really early start to the Boxing Day sales so cut me some slack please, lol!




The Romantic Manifesto (Cover Makeover #19)

My goodness, it feels like forever since I’ve participated in one of Desley’s and Lucille’s fabulous Cover Makeover Challenges so it feels good to be dipping my toes back in their creative challenge.

As it was, I was began editing this photo of a NYC Christmas window from last year for another challenge not long after I read Desley’s post about this week’s cover makeover. One thing lead to another and consequently, here is my book jacket.

The Romantic Manifesto

It’s so NOT the simplistic stylings associated with the jacket of an Ayn Rand, lol. Talk about going from one extreme to the next huh?

Due to the reflections in the window, I had to really beef up the contrast to remove them. However this worked to my benefit by adding a little hint of mystery to this capture.

Cover Makeover Badge