Fort Framing (OWPC: Frame)

Stepping out of the bus at Cape Merry Battery outside of Churchill it was cold, but the wind whipping at our faces was even colder. My gosh it was cold, even the memory of it makes me shiver!

The cold however was temporarily forgotten when looking through the gaps framing the Churchill River. These gaps were where the canons once stood proudly on guard ready to protect against possible enemy occupation many, many years ago.

Frame is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Playful Polar Bears (26 Week Letter Challenge: P)


Playful Polar Bears


26 Weeks Letter Challenge




Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: White

When I read Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge this week was going to be WHITE I knew immediately what I wanted to post. Memories from just over a year ago came flooding back as if it was yesterday.

Whtie on White

As we sat in the comfort and security of our Arctic Crawler, we witnessed one of Mother’s Natures most glorious creations simply being… a mother polar bear and her cub playing. My goodness, it really doesn’t get much better then that!




Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #21


This will come as a complete surprise I know but I’ve been going through my photos from our family adventure up to Churchill last year. And believe it or not, it wasn’t just all polar bears, there were a few other things as well.

This sign being one of them and seemed more than appropriate for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Danger Will Robinson Oops

Not making light of the danger which could lurk below but I look at this sign and immediately start waving my hands around and saying… “Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!”

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



One Word Photo Challenge: COLD


This week’s One Word (weather themed) Photo Challenge is… COLD. And nothing says cold quite like a polar bear with snow flakes falling on it.

OWPC - Cold

This polar bear cub along with his mother were the first Polar Bears we saw last November. When the two of them strolled up to our tundra vehicle we thought it was Christmas. That was until snowflakes began falling from the sky, then it really was Christmas.

When we were in Churchill, Manitoba last year I must have taken 1,000’s of photos of JUST the polar bears. Now whenever I scroll through them it’s like looking at them for the first time. Just giving you a heads up, that’s all, lol! 🙂



Broken and Abandoned (WPC)

The story goes that the MV Ithaka, whilst attempting to sail out of Hudson Bay (Churchill – Manitoba), was caught in gale-force winds, whereby it’s rudder was BROKEN off.

Combined with the ensuing weather conditions the anchor wouldn’t hold, allowing the ship to be pushed onto the gravel in Bird Cove, causing out the bottom of the vessel to be ripped out.

Broken and Abandoned...

There’s also the story that the captain of the MV Ithaka, despite having been advised to remain in port due to the pending storm, refused to pay the fees that staying in harbour would have incurred thus choosing to drop anchor in the bay instead.

Either way the end result is what you see above. All crew members were safely rescued and due to the ship’s close proximity to shore, anything salvageable was.

What’s interesting however is that although Lloyd’s of London wrote the ship off as a complete loss, they refused to pay the insurance claim due to the suspicious grounding. Perhaps there was a little truth in that second story…



Mommy, please won’t you play with me?


Black and white or color, this mother and her cub are still the cutest couple.

Polar Bear MM2-12 Color

And no matter how long I stare at this photo though, that cub just won’t bark!




Mommy, won’t you play with me?! (MM2-12)


Whilst watching this mother and her cub outside Churchill – Manitoba last November, it was easy to forget the sheer size of these beautiful creatures. As we watched this little one, who compared ONLY to its mother was little, playful little kittens and pups with a twist of toddler came to mind.

Polar Bears MM2-11

Of all the places we have traveled, and all the things we have experienced, seeing the Polar Bears in their natural habitat out on the Arctic Tundra, this will forever be at the top of the list. It was mesmerizing. It was breath-taking.

It was by far the most memorable and amazing experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve white-water rafted the Zambezi River, climbed inside an Egyptian pyramid, slept in a bivouac in the Sahara Desert, dead-anted in Red Square, and let’s not forget that zip-lining in Newfoundland to name but a few!). This however, this I would do again in a heartbeat… who’s with me?