Just another Full Moon Morning (Wordless Wednesday)

My Full Moon





All things bright and beautiful!

This morning the skies are so beautiful and clear. For we mere mortals of course this meant temperatures in the minuses. In fact it was still showing -9CEL at 9am when I drove home from my morning of errands!

There was however one upside to this cold, clear morning and that was the almost full moon!

Full Moon of a Morning

This morning’s moon was so beautiful it was Master Twelve who brought it to my attention first. I like that, I like that a LOT!

Good Morning World!

Master Twelve and I, even armed with our stores cards, took 15 minutes to de-ice the car. My gosh it was a frozen mass! And let me tell you, not all store cards are equal as one looks like plastic but after 10 minutes of scraping ice off the car, it all but disintegrated as it was actually only glossy cardstock. Too funny 🙂

Chatting with a local this morning I was advised rain was on our horizon but right now the skies are clear blue with the thermometer still below zero Celsius but… “mum, how much longer?”