Summer colors (Friday Flowers)



FF Summer Bloom



Clematis Colouring (Flower Friday)

It only seemed appropriate after sharing my macro photographs of this Clematis on Monday that I show a little more of this beautiful Clematis today.

Clematis Color

Everything about this flower is exquisite, from the petals to the stamen. Such a unique creation from Mother Nature.




Tantalizing Tendrils (Macro Monday)

Whenever I see these flowers, they remind of the flowers that appear on a passionfruit vine. It’s probably just me but it really does don’t you think?

Tantalizing Tendrils - Macro

In actual fact this flower is called a Clematis and is a flower that seems to have been everywhere I’ve looked this year south-west British Columbia. Lucky me!




Tantalizing Tendrils (MM2-21)

For Leanne’s Cole Photography Monochrome Madness this week I’m going with the inner workings of the beautiful Clematis flower. How gloriously intricate is this?

Tantalizing Tendrils

This looks like something that belongs in the ocean. Maybe it’s just me but I half expect to see Nemo swimming past at any moment!


Leanne Cole Photography