Climbing the walls ’til summer! (Monochrome Monday)






Morning Colours (Flower Friday)

When taking a walk around our neighbourhood early one morning last month I came across a bush with these small pink flowers dotted over it. Turns out this was the Salmonberry flower.

The fruit looks very much like a raspberry, with colours ranging from a dark orange to dark red. As for their taste… one could say it’s an acquired taste!





All shall be revealed soon enough! (Flower Friday)

My current favourite flower, the hyacinth. Every other week when I do the grocery shop I purchase another pot of budding blooms.

Oh the anticipation of just when these tiny buds will bloom, not only revealing the delicate flowers within but also releasing the most beautiful perfume.






Spring is Springing (Monochrome Monday)

With warmer weather comes more undergrowth. More shades of green, or in this particular instance, more shades of grey then you can imagine.

Nature’s very own “filler“. How gloriously blessed are we to see nature’s finery unfold before our very eyes?




Transparent Touches (Flower Friday)






The Colour of Summer (iPhriday Flower)

For me, nothing says summer quite like that of a Hibiscus flower out in bloom.

Colour of Summer

Summer in Australia holds absolutely no interest for me with its persistent heat but the blooms this heat encourages, well, that’s a totally different story. {sigh}







Oh deer, do you see what I see?! (Monochrome Monday)

Last Sunday we had three deer who spent the day in our backyard. During the morning they ran around, chasing each other like puppies. They’d stand there panting and puffing after each lap around the barbeque shed.

Oh deer do you see what I see

A little later after all their playing they returned to sit and rest. Occasionally they turn their heads to the side to nibble on the grass but for a good couple of hours they were content to simply sit.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to go out onto the deck to take a few snaps. Watching this particular guy reminded me of watching Master Fourteen chew gum at times… only it looked far more becoming on the deer!




Time to fly Flamingo (Fav Foto Friday)


The changing colours of the leaves is something that constantly leaves me in awe. There are so many colours in those leaves it’s astounding. And it’s those very colours that tell me it’s time to bring in the flamingoes!

Autumn Flamingo

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Last of the Summer Snaps (Fav Foto Friday)

For what seems to have been for the longest time now, I’ve watched one lone deep-pink snapdragon in a hanging-basket of mine stand tall amongst the dying debris that was summer. It’s beautiful.

Yet on downloading my photos, this beauty was simply not being conveyed in any of my images. However, on removing the colour for me the beauty was returned.

Last of the Summer Snaps

If you’d like to join in the Fav Foto Friday, simply head over to Scribbles and Musings. What better way to end your week then with your favourite photo!






Iconic Grid (Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s challenge word from the Daily Post is… GRID.

So many images were flashing through my mind this week when first thing this morning I awoke with an “ah-ha” moment. Okay so Hubby turned on the lights, then placed a hot cup of coffee on my bedside table but it was kinda the same!

Grid WPC

This was NOT the photo I was thinking of in bed. However when I turned on my computer up came my photo of the Sydney Opera House and all those hundreds and hundreds, thousands and thousands of tiles. Now there’s a grid!

When you stare at it, you can see the grid within the grid. It may not be your regular tick-tack-toe grid but for me, that’s grid enough for me!