Flowers against the fog! (Friday Flowers)




Safety in numbers… (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Safety in Numbers




Summer floating by… (Macro Monday)

Whilst daughter and I were hiking over the summer we came across many of these spider webs still covered with early morning dew drops, giving the illusion of floating.

MM Floating Wisps of Summer

Wow, who would have ever thought I’d be using words like hiking and early morning in the one sentence? My goodness, the times they really ARE a changing!



My favorite summer blooms! (Friday Flowers)


FF My favourite summer flowers



Feather-like Tulip (Macro Monday)

The tulips have been absolutely stunning here this year. The colored tulips all having various shades throughout the bloom rather than the one block color. Simply glorious!

The background of this photograph has me more than a little intrigued as nowhere in this house is this color. Not that I’m complaining at all as it blends beautifully with my tulip!






And I was like… REALLY!?

Is it just me or should some animals really come with their very own word bubbles above them. This Thrush may have been small but exuded more than enough sass for the both of us!

As we had so, so many birds visiting last month on their way to Alaska, Feathered Friday is currently dedicated to them and their safe travels!





The world below our feet! (Macro Monday)