The world below our feet! (Macro Monday)








Lovely Lupins (Friday Flowers)







From deep within (Macro Monday)

It’s a love/hate relationship I have with tiger lilies. The blooms are absolutely glorious but those stamens covered in only-to-eager-to stain-pollen are a whole different ball-game.

Then again, they do provide a wonderful subject matter to photograph. One must always look for that silver lining mustn’t one!





Riverside Buttercups (Flower Friday)







Morning Colours (Flower Friday)

When taking a walk around our neighbourhood early one morning last month I came across a bush with these small pink flowers dotted over it. Turns out this was the Salmonberry flower.

The fruit looks very much like a raspberry, with colours ranging from a dark orange to dark red. As for their taste… one could say it’s an acquired taste!





Fish Eye Cat Eyes (OWPC: Fish Eye)

Looking through my archives for a photo to apply the Fish Eye effect, there seemed no better image then one I took earlier this week of a close-up photo of our darling Fergus. What fun to make a cat’s eyes into fish eye!

Fortunately Fergus has yet to master the computer so there’ll be no backlash from him. Fish Eye is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Sullied Succulent (Macro Monday)

Growing up back in last century, every house had a collection of terracotta pots and old tin cans overflowing with a variety of succulents. Ours were all stacked at the bottom of the back-stairs along with the begonias.


Now it would appear succulents have been deemed almost exotic. This one I discovered quite by accident growing in the Chihuly gardens. A miniature amidst the giants of Chihuly’s works.