Lunch is on Me (Monochrome Monday)

My father brought me up to appreciate the purpose of spiders. And now I appreciate how truly beautiful a spider’s web can be with all those different shapes created by the spider’s silk. A true work of art!

Lunch is on Me Sepia

However all this hasn’t stopped me from despising their very existence. Man those things can move quickly, as this spider’s collection attests to. Lunch anyone?





Happy Families!

Nature seemed to be in full swing out at my tree the other week. There were even a cluster of spiders hatching.

It was interesting to see how they all clung together when dormant, creating a large ball-like object obviously to protect themselves against predators.

Happy Families!

Then of course, all it takes is a wayward camera strap whilst attempting to photograph something else to brush against the quiet family for pandemonium to break loose!

Happy families until its NOT

My apologies were carried away in the breeze. It was every spider for itself.

I wonder if there was a “look-out” spider who ran the fastest to keep an eye on proceedings who then reported back when it was safe for all to return as the chorus became louder of… “mum, how much longer?”