Cockatoo Country (Monochrome Monday)

Oh yes, this was another of my possibilities for the Monochrome Madness country theme at the beginning of the month.

Cockatoo Country

Black cockatoos sitting high in the branches by the river’s edge at sunrise, just glorious.




Hints you’re back in Australia…

There are three very tell-tale hints that one is back in Australia.

One is seeing Grevillea in full-bloom – it is such an incredibly unique flower!

Grevillea in bloom, there's nothing else quite like it!

Then there’s another hint with the sound of cockatoos flying over-head!

Cockatoo Capers

And let’s not forget the most definite hint that one is in Australia… the Mint Slices on the fridge shelf!

Mint Slices my FAV

Master Twelve is rather fond of the odd Mint Slice but he’s yet to taste one as the packet is always empty for him. Consequently I’m often hearing down the hallway a very exasperated… “mum, how much longer?”

What’s a cockatoo or two?!

Driving to the beach this morning for my walk I couldn’t believe my eyes when I passed this…

Happy Cockatoo Day!

The photo really doesn’t do the scene justice as there must have been hundreds of these white cockatoos here on this recently cleared block of land.

They were even sitting up on the telegraph lines. Aren’t these a pair of cuties?

What a pair of cuties!

yet, just over an hour later when I drove back there wasn’t a cockatoo in sight. What the? I wonder where they all disappeared to and when will they return… “mum, how much longer?”