Morning coffee on the Piazza (WPC – Face in the Crowd)

The memory of my little family sitting at a cafe located on the Piazza San Marco, listening to the live band behind us whilst we watched the many tourists around us creating their own memories, will forever be etched in my mind.

As we sat drinking in the atmosphere, complete with princess water bottle, each of us were simply another a face in the crowd enjoying the morning to those looking in our direction.

A Face in the Crowd in The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week.







Home is where the pods are! (OWPC)

First I vowed and declared we’d never get a coffee machine that took pods. Yep, bought one. Then I vowed and declared I would never get a pod dispenser. Yep, got one of those too!

The children have lived in ten different homes in their short lifetime. Many things make a home but one thing that’s certain, once mama has her daily caffeine sorted life becomes a whole lot better!

Home is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.





There’s always a Solution (Monochrome Monday)









My favourite appliance (OWPC: Appliance)

It will come as a HUGE surprise I know but do try to remain seated when I say my favourite appliance is… my coffee machine. Which, by the way, seemed quite clean until I looked at this photo, eek!


Sadly our BIG coffee machine went to coffee-bean heaven a few months back. It was a horrible, horrible time. Then after a false start with another machine {shudder}, we now have a “forever” home for this little darling. Who knew I’d like Caramel Coffee!





Bloke Full of Wind (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #29)

After seeing the LONG line-up outside the original Starbucks in Seattle, we found a nearby cafe to sit and catch our breath but we weren’t alone. This bloke kept looking at us…

Bob the BlowUp

He was the most intricate piece of balloon construction I’d ever seen. Unfortunately when it was time for us to move on, the lines from Starbucks had moved to this cafe meaning we didn’t have an opportunity to ask the origin of this bloke.

Whatever the reason for his existence though, I’m mighty glad we had a chance to have a coffee with him!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




Jumping over the Moon

Sometimes it takes a more than just determination!

Incentive perhaps...

Cleansing one’s self

The perpetual inner struggle…

Give up coffee?

Coffee and Wine

It’s that whole Yin and Yang thing really isn’t it???

Coffee and Wine - what else do you need

Good Morning Vancouver!

It was rather splendid waking up this morning, looking out the window and seeing this beautiful sunrise over Vancouver.

Sunrise over Vancouver

Sun rise over reality you could almost say as this evening we fly home to Kitimat. Well, we fly to Terrace then drive for almost an hour to Kitimat but you know what I mean!

The best part of being home, or simply in Canada, is how when you go to the cafes you have the choice of chocolate and cinnamon to sprinkle on your cappuccino – LOVE IT!!! There’s also nutmeg, which I’ve mistakenly sprinkled before, and it was horrible. Won’t do THAT again 😦

Chocolate + Cinnoman

As much as I adore the decadence of this hotel, I’m so looking forward to getting home and unpacking. Only one more flight and we’re home but… “mum, how much longer?”