What glue does what? (OWPC – Glue)

It had been such a long time since I’d done any mixed media work when creating the mother’s day gift for my mother, that I had to completely relearn what glue held which texture the best.

Needless to say it was an extremely steep learning curve with just one or three challenges, lol. Glue is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge Word from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Oh but a distant memory!

It only takes a couple of good hot, cloudless days to make it feel as if clouds sitting in my valley as they did of a morning at the beginning of the week, a distant memory!

Clouds in my Valley, oh but a distant memory...

Although I have to admit from a personal prospective I’m loving the legitimate reason for staying downstairs in my Studio where it is SO much cooler and inviting.

I’ve ALMOST completed one ENTIRE scrapbook so I’m more than happy with myself – something major completed whilst keeping my mind off a few health issues. Like everything in life, one things always seems to lead to something else. 😦

But how I miss my clouds. As for their return… “mum, how much longer?”

Jigs and Bracelets, that’s life!

With the anticipation of Steelhead Season commencing any day now, Master Twelve has been busy making jigs ensuring he has enough, and then some, in preparation for the season.

Jiggidy Jig

Miss Ten in the meantime has been busy creating “band bracelets“, the latest craze to be doing the rounds. Very basic yet quite effective don’t you think?!

Band Bracelets - how cute are these?

Plus not only have the children been busy creating, there’s been days I’ve barely seen them as they’ve been out and about catching up with friends – cycling, playing hockey and scootering – all between snowflakes of course, lol! 🙂

Here we are with the first week of Spring Break almost over yet with both children so busy I’m pleased to say there’s been not one… “mum, how much longer?”