Columbian Carriage Ride (Tourist Time)

When in Cartagena, Columbia we treated ourselves to a guided horse and carriage ride around the old city. The sound of the horse hooves on the stones whilst viewing the history from another era was so wonderful. If only it hadn’t been so darn hot!

Over this summer vacation I’ve been taking trips of another kind every Thursday, traveling down memory lane reminiscing about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family.

Thank you for your kindness and patience over the past two months
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First lock of the Panama Canal crossing (Tourist Time)

Having found our position at the very front of the ship, we were determined to stand guard, watching intently at each and every aspect of the going through the locks whilst crossing the Panama Canal. We weren’t disappointed, it was AMAZING!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!






Dangerously Close (WPC: Danger)

Looking down from our cruise ship as we passed through each of the three locks along the Panama Canal, you couldn’t help but hold your breath on seeing what a narrow fit our ship was. It appeared dangerously close.

Danger! is The Daily Post Photo Challenge for this week.





High HUMIDITY Levels (One Word Photo Challenge)

In preparation of our crossing the Panama Canal, we were up on the front deck by 6am armed with both children and champagne. Alas, the HUMIDITY changed our plans with both these things as you can see from this hazy photo.

High Humidity Levels

My camera, much like the children, was not responding well to the heat. Even the official photographer was experiencing the same problem which, although bad for her, made me feel a little better to know it wasn’t something I was doing.

As for the champagne and children, the champagne we put back on ice and drank that evening whilst the children, well… they lasted until the scheduled time we were meant to do our first crossing and when that didn’t happen and wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, they left.





Submarine Maintenance (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #26)


Walking out onto the balcony of our ship’s cabin the last thing I expected to see going past was a submarine preparing to submerge!

Submarine Maintenance

Then again, we were sailing into the port of Cartagena, Columbia, perhaps I really shouldn’t have been surprised…


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge







Sailing Thirty Foot Swells (OWPC: Hurricane)


This week’s theme word for the One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… HURRICANE.

Hurricane Sandy instantly came to mind as we were headed to New York City on our cruise at the exactly the same time she was scheduled to arrive. Except she seemed to be coming in on her broomstick, we on a ship.

Hurricane Sandy

Overnight swells reached thirty feet, by the time I took this photo, the swells had decreased to just eighteen feet, nothing really in comparison. Looking at this photo it’s just looks cold, wet and miserable but trust me, the swells were still there.

Thirty minutes earlier, Master Thirteen, who was eleven at the time, and I were sitting in the dining room waiting for breakfast. As he watched the ocean go up and down as the ship went up and down, he first turned pale, then turned white.

He made it until just as his breakfast was served then alas we needed to be beat a hasty retreat. It was the fastest I’ve EVER eaten breakfast however as who knew that riding the waves could make one so hungry, lol!





Looks can be Deceiving (OWPC: Windy)


New York City was our actual destination on this particular day but due to the huge sea swells and the extremely WINDY conditions, our ship was seeking shelter at the Port of Halifax.

Windy in Halifax

Looks can be deceptive as although it looks just bleak and cold, there were 70 kilometre per hour winds gusting through that city and trust me, we knew first-hand as we walked the nearby streets. Oh. My. Gosh. It was hard work but SO funny.

The children were not amused however as we walked against the wind back to the ship form the Maritime Museum, it was tortuous. What was worse though, the ice-cream shop that I was bribing the children with to keep walking DIDN’T have ice-creams. Talk about false advertising, lol! 😉

WINDY is this week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge.



OFF-SEASON for the Macaw (WPC)

This week’s Challenge Word from the Daily Post is Off-Season.

So many things came to mind but alas there were no photos to match these thoughts. I did however come across this little dude whilst we were in Columbia who seemed be having an “off-season“.

Macaws Off-Season

Just what this Macaw was doing I don’t know but it would seem that it’s not just the human race that have Drama Queen’s amongst them. Not long after I took this photo he turned himself upright once again and waddled off.

Me thinks his name may have been Macaw the Manipulator being the attention seeker he was!



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #20


When attempting to escape the hot, burning sun of Huatulco, Mexico via the shade of the trees, we happened upon this gentlemen standing guard outside a shop.

Odd Ball Huatulco

It was love at first sight for Darling Daughter and myself. If we could have stuffed him into our beach-bags we would have. Oddly, he reminded me of George Clooney’s Batman with those unnecessary nipples!


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



One Word Photo Challenge: HOT


When we did our cruise of the Panama Canal in 2013 it was September/October. Naively we thought being that time of the year the weather would be similar to that what we knew in Australia, quite pleasant. Oh how wrong were we. It was hot. UGLY HOT.

You know ugly hot, it’s when it’s that hot sweat trickles into places sweat just shouldn’t be so you wear as little as possible to counteract the trickle. Wearing less however means there’s more on show… as I said, ugly hot.

We arrived in Huatulco, Mexico and not only was it hot, it was humid, the worse possible combination. The only way to extinguish this heat was by way of the super-sized cocktail.

OWPC - Huatulco Hot

Needless to say not much touring or exploring was achieved on this day. And when the children begged to return to the ship and its air-conditioning, there were NO arguments from either of us… provided we could finish our cocktails first!