Bubble-topia (Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Eyes)

For the longest time, our Little Man when having a bath, couldn’t get enough of the bubbles. The moment a bubble clung to his little hand, into his mouth it went.


Thinking back, perhaps it would have been wiser to stop him eating the bubbles instead of taking photos but soap suds are technically clean so really, there was no cause for concern was there?!





Kitten Kindness (MM2-18)

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, the first Wednesday of the month has a designated theme with this month’s theme being the letter K. And what could be more fitting the showing a Kitten Kindness!

Kitten Kindness

Whilst waiting for our move to Canada we fostered kittens until they were adopted by a loving family. As you can see from this photo, families could always be assured any kitten from our house was MORE than kid-friendly!

Note: Two of these kittens never left our hearts, consequently they are living with us now here in Canada. 😻

Leanne Cole Photography