CAREFUL as you go! (WPC)

With each step we took as we wandered around Niagara Falls, the ice formed from the mist coming off the falls had has being extremely CAREFUL… this week’s Daily Post challenge word.

Careful where you walk!

Not that this ice stopped us at all as it was quite amazing, although at the same time surreal, seeing so many everyday objects encased in ice. It was certainly slow going but most definitely worth the effort!





Close-Up (Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is… CLOSE UP!

There were big plans to take new photos just for this challenge but as I sit here with my head about to explode thanks to a head-cold, I’ve chosen a photo of some barnacles from Sitka, Alaska.

Sitka Barnacles Big and Small

This is just how the inside of my eye-lids feel at the moment, as if there is something rubbing behind them, so thought this capture rather apt.

Please tell me it’s time for coffee now…