Spring awakenings (WPC – Awakening)

Despite what might be happening outside my window right now, the birds and blooms are telling me the earth is awakening. It’s spring time!

Awakening is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week.






Out my car window (WPC – Windows)

If you have to stop for road works over the summer, how nice is it to be able to look out the car window to this “arrangement” of blooms in the grass just off the road beside the car.

Windows is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.











Waiting in the Wind (WPC : Waiting)

It became quite the waiting game over the summer to see how many days this withering flower and leaf caught in a spider’s web would last out on our deck. It lasted long enough for me to forget!

Waiting is this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo  Challenge.







Mum and Mickey! (WPC: Friend)

This is my mother and her faithful companion and horse Mickey. Mickey has popped up in a lot of our conversations since Master Fifteen was born (no, I have absolutely NO idea of that correlation), but even more-so now since dad’s passing.

Mickey was her everything – from riding him to school to riding him around the family farm to do her chores, and obviously to do a spot of fishing. With her father’s unexpected death when she was 10, Mickey was her one constant, her friend.

Friend is the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week.








Feather Four-Ways (WPC: Repurpose)

What began as the outer plumage for a bird, then became part of the filling for one of our pillows, and now is the subject matter for my photography shoot.


After this photo shoot, the feather will be repurposed yet again as a play-thing for the cats. One item – four lives. Repurpose is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge word.






To SHINE a Natural Light on Halloween (WPC: Shine)

Yesterday morning I couldn’t help but have a quiet chortle to myself when I noticed how Mother Nature was casting her natural light across my “cocooned” chickens. It was as if she was shining a spotlight upon them.


With my ceramic chickens so well and truly secured in the garden, it was easier to have them ensconced in spider-web for Halloween rather than attempting to remove them. Especially as this guy is hanging from the bushes close by.


There’s also the not-so-cutesy decorations. There are several tombstones scattered around the front yard along with the usual body parts in spider-webs plus an old body. Nothing too gruesome for anyone visiting next week.


There’s a rumour our street is popular for trick and treaters hence we have filled our cauldrons with bags of candy in readiness. If only our 8-foot witch standing near the door still cackled, oh well, halloween… bring it on!

SHINE is this week’s Daily Post’s word for the Weekly Photo Challenge.




Of all the places I could find happiness and dare I say it, tranquility, it’s at the kitchen sink. However, it’s not for reason you may think. There’s no denying I am quite the neat freak but that’s not the reason I love my kitchen sink.

It’s the view of the valley and mountain beyond that I love watching. Mother Nature has truly spoilt us in this part of the world with her constant beauty.

My VERY Happy Place!

Adding snow to this already beautiful scenery constantly leaves me gasping in awe. Then to add a majestic Bald Eagle, that is what they say… the cherry on the top! How blessed am I?

Looking at this forever evolving scene outside my window is definitively my Happy Place, this week’s challenge word from the Daily Post.





Broken and Abandoned (WPC)

The story goes that the MV Ithaka, whilst attempting to sail out of Hudson Bay (Churchill – Manitoba), was caught in gale-force winds, whereby it’s rudder was BROKEN off.

Combined with the ensuing weather conditions the anchor wouldn’t hold, allowing the ship to be pushed onto the gravel in Bird Cove, causing out the bottom of the vessel to be ripped out.

Broken and Abandoned...

There’s also the story that the captain of the MV Ithaka, despite having been advised to remain in port due to the pending storm, refused to pay the fees that staying in harbour would have incurred thus choosing to drop anchor in the bay instead.

Either way the end result is what you see above. All crew members were safely rescued and due to the ship’s close proximity to shore, anything salvageable was.

What’s interesting however is that although Lloyd’s of London wrote the ship off as a complete loss, they refused to pay the insurance claim due to the suspicious grounding. Perhaps there was a little truth in that second story…