Down Memory Lane (Monochrome Monday)









Early Morning Dew (Monochrome Monday)

Yes, yes, I know dandelion heads are the bane of most gardeners existence but when the sunlight reflects off those early morning dew drops covering one of them, they are mighty hard resist.

Personally, I think they are simply delightful, but hey, I’m just a girl!😆





Cream of the Crop (Travel Theme: Cream)

This scene of the early morning rays of sunshine lighting up the dandelion heads across a field in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, will stay with me forever. Such a glorious image to leave the island with.


This memory is definitely the cream of the crop when remembering our overnight stay on Prince Edward Island (pun very much intended, lol). Cream is this week’s Travel Theme Challenge from Where’s My Backpack.




Christmas Wishes! (Silent Saturday)

Sending Christmas Wishes

Wishing for a Bright Christmas! (Silent Saturday)


Wishing for a Bright Christmas




Tinsel Wishes (Silent Saturday)

Tinsel Wishes




Winning Wishes (Silent Saturday)


Winning Wishes






Wavering Wishes (Silent Saturday)


Wavering Wishes






Toned Down Wishes (Silent Saturday)


Autumn Wishes






Wilful Wishes (Silent Saturday)



Wilful Wishes