Down Memory Lane (Monochrome Monday)









Dewy Summer Wishes (WPC – Rounded)

After days of torrential rain and gale-force winds that striped my maple tree of all its leaves within a matter of hours, the sun is now shining, reminiscent of summer days that were. Days when dews drops glistened under the morning sun.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is… ROUNDED.





Tinsel Wishes (Silent Saturday)

Tinsel Wishes




Dew Clad Dreams (Silent Saturday)


Droplets of Dreams





Pick a Wish, Any Wish! (Silent Saturday)


Pick a Wish, Any Wish!


Trampled Dreams… (Silent Saturday)


Darkened Trampled Dreams


Captured Dreams…


Dreams put on Hold





Sometimes Wishes do come a Knockin’ (Silent Saturday)


Wishes knocking at the door

Unspent Wishes (Silent Saturday)


Unspent Wishes

Industrial Wishes (Silent Saturday)

Caged Wishes...