Summer Stunner! (OWPC – Hippo)

How gorgeous is this beauty, sunny themself near the water’s edge. Having only ever seen hippopotamuses standing in the waters of Africa, this was the first time I’d ever seen a hippopotamus out of water. It was incredible!

The turkey vultures standing nearby a little off-putting however. Are they standing guard or waiting for the meat to bake in the midday sun I wonder?

Hippo is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.




Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder! (OWPC – Gorilla)

This gorgeous big brut was hanging out at Disney World’s Animal World. Seeing them in the wild was definitely on “my list“. Sadly however just as I planning my trip through Africa last century, traveling to see them had been stopped. Dang it!

Animals in captivity is something that can upset me but I have to admit, Disney World seemed to be doing it well and I don’t believe I’m just saying that as it was so thrilling to see them so close… 

Gorilla is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





It’s so freakin’ HOT!!!

The main reason we were more than happy for Darling Hubby to accept this assignment in Kitimat was that this was an area surrounded by mountains and forests. An area where people only EVER complained of how cold it was and all the snow they were having.

So why is it that at almost 11 o’clock each night this week we’ve all been lying on our bed, with the poor pedestal fan pointed at us, whirring as fast as is mechanically possible, as we squirt ourselves with the fan/water bottles that we’d bought at Disney World? Truly, these things are FABULOUS!!!

Summer Saviour

With four identical contraptions in the house do you really think I’m NOT going to put my name on mine? I’ve seen how Master Twelve’s mates treat his and there is NO WAY I’m going to have my working sprayer swapped for a broken one. Sorry, but let this heat be a lesson of treating your belongings responsibly. Of course there is now the downside that if mine goes a-up I can no longer quietly swap it over… bummer!

But looking out the window now we might be in for a small reprieve. After those glorious few days of dark skies and wet weather last week, to this week having the sun now blazing down upon us, reaching highs of the low 30’s CEL earlier in the week, has just been plain cruel.

As I’ve despaired before, these houses here are so not made for hot weather hence become like our own private sauna. Each evening both children look forlornly at the ceiling light, remembering a time when ceiling lights once came with ceiling fans. Their sad eyes turn me questioningly… “mum, how much longer?”