Not a TANGLE! (Travel Theme Challenge)

The Travel Theme from Ailsa this week over at Where’s My Backpack? is… TANGLE!

Whilst going through my Polar Bear photos I happened upon some photographs given to us following our visit last year to Blue Sky Expeditions at Churchill, Manitoba. This one in particular ideal for this challenge.

A Tangle of Dogs... NOT!

Having to harness six excited dogs to a sled, there was inevitably a TANGLE or two before everything was set to go but what bliss once we set sail. This is my Miss Twelve (we had a birthday on the week-end) and I sitting back enjoying our sled ride!

The lack of snow I think is evident which meant our sled had wheels but there were absolutely NO complaints from us as this made the ride so much more enjoyable. 🙂

Without wheels going over the compacted snow/ice in a sled can only be likened to a Ferrari attempting to go over the speed-bumps at a shopping centre – you close your eyes and hope for the best!


Dog Sledding the Arctic Tundra

One evening whilst in Churchill we went Dog Sledding. Some chose to sit this out but we were front and center. Especially when we heard there hadn’t been enough snow to use the snow sleds hence we’d be sitting in carts with wheels!

Having experienced a VERY long dog sled ride in Lapland we already knew just how “rough” those sleds could be so were overjoyed at the prospect of wheels. No, it may not have been visually pleasing but gosh it was comfortable, lol!

The only disappointment of the night was that our ride distance was halved due to a Polar Bear hanging around the sled runs. Additional look-out were posted on the runs for our safety and like all the tour guides of Churchill, each of the mushers carried a rifle.

No matter, we still had a fabulous night and as for the sled ride itself, we could have gone all night. Unlike Lapland were even I had to agree with Miss Five at the time… “mum, how much longer?”