One lone Crafty wolf (OWPC: Craft)

We came across this magnificent wolf, created entirely from driftwood, whilst touring Vancouver Island. Standing upon a mirrored stand, he took pride of place in a restaurant in Tofino. What a CRAFT to use driftwood in such an ingenious way!

One Crafty Wolf

If only my skills at blurring the background were as skilled, lol.😂 CRAFT is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 






Travel Theme: MODERN Art!

The plan was to have Mother’s Day lunch this year at a little restaurant in Tofino, Vancouver Island, called Wolf in the Fog which both Hubby and I had read a great review about.

On arriving at the restaurant we realized we didn’t have reservations and being Mother’s Day, yikes. We needn’t have worried though as it turned out the restaurant was only open for dinners, even on Mother’s Day.

Travel Wolf in the Fog!

A small consolation was when we’d finished our drinks in the downstairs bar/cafe area, we were allowed upstairs to see the restaurant. It wasn’t what either of us remembered from the review. This setting was very sleek.

Completing this ultra-MODERN look was the wolf constructed from drift-wood over a metal framed standing on its own mirrored stage. It was rather splendid and certainly complimented the overall modern appearance.

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