One lone Crafty wolf (OWPC: Craft)

We came across this magnificent wolf, created entirely from driftwood, whilst touring Vancouver Island. Standing upon a mirrored stand, he took pride of place in a restaurant in Tofino. What a CRAFT to use driftwood in such an ingenious way!

One Crafty Wolf

If only my skills at blurring the background were as skilled, lol.😂 CRAFT is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 






Enjoy the Journey

There’s a vase on our buffet that holds a collection of things found as we’ve walked along the nearby beach.

It has a little bit of everything in it – driftwood, seaweed, rocks, shells and even a piece of rebar as you can see!

Everything Vase

The peacock feather and sign were obviously from elsewhere but have managed to find themselves a home amongst this collection, slotting in quite nicely.

Once in a while though one of the children will remind me that these things weren’t meant to be staying in there for permanently, so… “mum, how much longer?”