Spring? What a laugh!








A Snowy Smile (Monochrome Monday)

Towards the end of last year, in my mind 2017 was going to begin so very differently to this. This year I was going to set myself up a photography plan then work that plan like nothing else… hmmmm. 


Given it’s already mid-afternoon on the second Monday of January it’s safe to say there’s still no plan as of yet. Obviously my brain somehow heard fitness instead of photography, immediately going into NOT-A-FLIPPIN’-CHANCE mode!😂

Fortunately simply taking photographs wasn’t part of the yet-to-be-planned plan. And with a fresh snowfall just last week there’s a photo or two that can be shared without a new plan, phew!





A Smidge of Snow Tickling Tallinn!

It wasn’t until our last full day in Tallinn that it snowed but it wasn’t snowflake-snow, it was a dry kinda snow. It was so dry it would land on the roof-tops then be “blown” down the drain-pipes. Cool huh?!

Snow on sliding down a Tallinn down-pipe!

How beautiful are these small bushes with just a smattering of snow that we found located near the Hellemann Tower and the Old Wall?

Snow on a small bush outside the Hellemann Tower

Hmmm, I know there’s a saying how moss grows on the south side of things but do you think this relates to snow also? No prizes for guessing as to which was the wind was blowing last night, lol!

Snow blown onto the side of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

Then again though, when you see how thick the moss is under this dusting of snow (and doesn’t it look like icing sugar/powder has been dusted over the roots of this tree?) you have to wonder if this moss story is more than a myth!

A dusting of snow on the stump of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

To have snowflakes fall on Tallinn would have been beautiful but as we were on foot exploring this incredible Old City, I have to say I was grateful for what there was, or how little there was. Oddly for once I wasn’t looking for more snow and asking… “mum, how much longer?”

SNOW much more!

It’s no secret how much I love snow but to wake up this morning to a dusting of snow, well… let’s just say my heart skipped a beat as it’s so beautiful!

Glorious snow!

And when the sun comes out it’s even more glorious!


The world always looks a better place to me with a dusting of snow. Of course, with the sun tends to come the slow-melt as Master Eleven discovered when attempting to snow-board on our ever shrinking snow mound!

That's goin' to hurt!

The poor lad hit a wet patch which caused his board to stop suddenly. Fortunately he didn’t hurt himself but the end result was his left side being incredibly wet, and a fun mid-air photo!

Could this be our last snow fall or could this be the beginning of a late snow season. All will be revealed I guess over the next few mornings when we wake. In the interim I’ll just keep looking at the snow, sighing… “mum, how much longer?”

Life is a Christmas Card!

A dusting of snow makes everything better don’t you think?

shame about the elctrical wires

Everything looks so pretty!

Christmas tree worthy

I love the snow!

Snow time!

And now that my darling Master Eleven is desperate for money I’m no longer shoveling snow, I’m really lovin’ the snow! But now comes the tricky part, getting my drive-way shoveled when I need it shoveled… “mum, how much longer?”