When Eagles Soar (Wordless Wednesday)







Ever an Eagle Eye (Wordless Wednesday)

Ever Eagle Eye






Empty Nest Syndrome :(

No amount of faith nor hope has helped. Each and every day I stare forlornly out my kitchen window at my tall tree in anticipation of my Bald Eagle family reestablishing its residency here but it hasn’t happened. All remains quiet.

Sadly... Empty Nest Sydrome!

There is the occasional fly-by that I naturally attempt to capture, but no longer is there an eagle or two stopping by, contemplating the next chapter in their life with little eaglets flying around. 😦

Empty Nest Flyby!

The tree remains empty. No eagles, no eaglets, no life – absolutely no point in asking…  “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Awww, even MY eagles are into the Valentine’s spirit – I hope they thought ahead with their gifts though, having them sorted by the week-end before we had all this snow! 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Just as I decided there wasn’t a nest being built I see this loving scene.

I do so hope they are still in the “getting-to-know-one-another-phase” as given the temperatures we’ve had of late, if they had eggs they’ll be staring at them for the LONGEST time sighing … “mum, how much longer?”

Thermals and thunderstorms!

As always, the weather here in Kitimat has been interesting. Why have one weather system when you can have several all in the one day!

After returning home from the DARE Graduation and doing a grocery shop yesterday, by the time I’d emptied the groceries bags it was almost lunch time. What to do? I really didn’t want lunch but I then again I really didn’t want to begin anything then have to stop for lunch. So I grabbed one of my new non-fiction books, a fresh cup of coffee and set myself up on my zero-gravity chair out on the back deck. It was simply glorious!

Admittedly, I really didn’t get much reading done as I sat there in the sunshine. As you know, I’m not really a sunshine kind of gal but when there’s a hint of a breeze, combined with clouds in the sky, I’m more than happy to sit and bask as I don’t feel as if I’m being oven-roasted. And when there are bald-eagles flying over-head, truly, no reading was ever going to be accomplished!

There must have been what I can only guess as thermal currents rising above the forests with one eagle who would swoop in low, hit this tubular current, then slowly twirl to the top where it appeared he was then flung out at the top. He would soar for miles and miles until he was out of sight, never once flapping his wings. Being me, I did endeavor to capture this incredible moment on film (can I still say that) but this is one of those times a picture does NOT paint a thousand words!

Yep, that splotch in the top right-hand corner is the eagle!

Trust me though, I felt honored to be witnessing such an occurrence, and no, I don’t feel as if I need a life as I honestly can’t imagine a better life than this. 😎

Given the lack of white, or it could be the lack of lighting from above, but I’m wondering if this is a Golden Eagle whose wing span is slightly smaller, but not by much! Nevertheless, how majestic is this?

Zooming in doesn't always work... sadly!

And this? I just love those long feathers on the end of the wings. They look like long fingers made for strumming the air!

Love a soaring eagle!

Then the clouds rolled in, I refilled my coffee cup (actually I had refilled it six times by this time) and headed down to the Studio. I hadn’t long been there when I heard what sounded like thunder but dismissed it as the wind rattling the floor of our new trailer which is parked directly outside the Studio.

Took about three more rolls of thunder before I allowed myself to believe it was thunder as I’ve never been witness to a thunderstorm in the two years I’ve lived here. Plus they weren’t claps of thunder that we’re (I’m) more accustomed to in Australia. These were long, drawn out rolls and being long drawn out rolls I somehow felt I could “capture the moment” (yes, I think that was the coffee talking).

Even without seeing the thunder, it did look beautiful though.

Mount Liz under seige!

And with thunder so often comes lightning but you had to be lucky to see it as lightning during the day for me is like fireworks during the day, kind of a non-event. So come on Mother Nature, bring on more thunder and lightning but could you perhaps make it after 10pm. However, if this is my first thunderstorm in two years… “mum, how much longer?”