Easter Countdown! (Wordless Wednesday)







Raining Eggs (Wordless Wednesday)






Easter Colours (iPhriday Flowers)

Pastel shades always come to mind when I think of colours for Easter, with this bloom in our apartment block’s garden being no different.

Easter Flower

iPhriday hosted by Lisa over at Gray Days and Coffee is such fun. If you aren’t familiar with it already please head over there now to have a look.





Butterflies of Bellagio

Weren’t we just a tad taken back on checking into the Bellagio to discover in their foyer was a conservatory… of butterflies no less. It was simply incredible!

Ahh… the Bellagio, good times, good memories, WHAT a way to spend an Easter! As to another Eater there… “mum, how much longer?”

Nice Buns!

Not something one really wants to hear being said to their ten-year old daughter but on this occasion it was more than acceptable. Why?

An Easter Sunday tradition at our house is freshly made Hot Cross Buns and this Easter Miss Ten was front and center in the kitchen to help with the baking so that we could enjoy this… a wonderfully hot, Hot Cross Bun with smeared with butter, yum!

A Fresh Hot Cross Bun - deelish

We LOVE freshly made hot cross buns, having made them a tradition now for each holiday but it’s only for Easter that the crosses are piped onto them!

Easter Crosses

As the last bun of the batch is consumed, the entire family is asking… “mum dad, how much longer?”

Let the Hunt Begin!

Late last week I was “informed” we needed to change things up when it came to the Easter Baskets. This was fine by me as I was much of the same thinking but turns out what I heard and what I was told were two VERY different things, lol! 🙂

What I should have been told was that instead of a basket beside the bed, the contents would be left here and there around the house, with each clue leading to the next treat. The first treat beside the bed would be a small one then with each clue the treats would gradually become larger.

Instead what happened was I made up five little bunnies for each child. These I filled with jelly beans, M&M’s and a cryptic clue.

Easter clues for the Easter Baskets!

This was the first clue for Miss Ten…

Easter Clues for the Easter Baskets!It was fun watching and listening to how the children interpreted my clues. Initially all they wanted was a note saying EXACTLY where to look but they soon came ’round, changing their way of thinking in order to find the next clue.

What was funny though was how they’d guess the hiding place for their sibling’s next clue before they guessed their own!

The Easter Hunt was deemed a great success with the challenge now set for me to do it all again next year. Now I simply have to consider another ten clues for next Easter, eeh gads… “mum, how much longer?”

Another Bucket List BIG Tick!

To wake up Easter Morning in Las Vegas seemed quite surreal, then to go down to breakfast to see this… WOW!

Happy Easter

We were presented with these wonderful little tasters to begin our breakfast at the Fountain Room.

Breakfast Bellagio style

Darling Hubby was in food heaven!

Happy Hubby!

Master Eleven acquired more than his fair share in a very short time!

Love my Boy!

Miss Nine was eating as daintily as her gorgeous new Easter outfit allowed!

Gorgeous Girl!

Breakfast with dessert – who could be unhappy with that! This is just a small portion of the ROOM containing desserts.

Beautiful Breakfast Dessert

Outside every 15 minutes during breakfast the fountains danced to a different tune. There were so many varying music genres it was incredible to see how the fountains coordinated with the music. Simply brilliant!

But the fun didn’t stop there. After breakfast it was another stretch limo ride to obtain a missing tick on Mama’s Bucket List. This afternoon we were taking not only a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon, but we were also having a late champagne lunch IN the Grand Canyon. Oh… My… Gosh!

Master Eleven couldn’t believe his good fortune when he was told he was sitting in the front!

Our new co-pilot!

Seeing Hoover Dam from above was amazing.

Hoover Dam - another tick!

Before we knew it the Grand Canyon was simply there!

Grand Canyon getting closer

In front of that larger building below is the Skywalk over the Grand Canyon. Before booking this  adventure I put it to the family which they’d prefer – to do the Skywalk or fly down into the Canyon. It was unanimous (thank goodness), “why see over when you can go under” was their reasoning. Good choice!

Grand Canyon walkway is a long way up!

And down we went – what an amazing experience – we were all impressed!

Mama's Grand Canyon

Moo's Grand Canyon

Miss Nine was as happy with her trip as her Mama was I think?!

One happy little girl!

What an absolutely amazing, one-of-a-kind days. When it comes to the Grand Canyon no longer shall I be asking myself… “mum, how much longer?”