Magic Mushroom (WPC: Magic)

Miss P from Life is Like That suggested this week’s prompt of MAGIC for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, was a perfect opportunity to share the results of our combined efforts from a few weeks back. And I have to say, I agree!


Knowing my love for mushrooms, whilst on a visit to Vancouver Island, Miss P shared with me this photo of a mushroom she’d recently seen. It was glorious. However as you can see, I couldn’t help but have some fun, adding to it just a tad, lol!😂

Thank you again for thinking of me Miss P – and as you say… Life is Like That!




Crystallized View (One-Photo-Focus March)

‘Tis the beginning of March which means it’s time for Stacy’s wonderful One Photo Focus March Challenge over at VisualVenturing. As many of you are more than aware, I absolutely adore this challenge.

It’s where Stacy offers just the one photo for editing to anyone who is interested. This month we thank Nancy Merrill of Nancy Merrill Photography for the use of her intriguing photo. This my interpretation.

Joanne Ritchie MARCH One Photo Focus

For this month’s editing I’ve severely cropped the photo so the just the staircase is left. Next I extended these stairs slightly to give the illusion the staircase is taking you to the top of the tree.

My next step was to “crystallize” this cropped image to create a uniformity of sorts then added a heavy vignette before the addition of a frame. Here is Nancy’s original photo for comparison.

Nancy Merrill Photography - One Photo Focus

As I say, I absolutely love this challenge as it’s so, so interesting to see how we’ve all taken the exactly same image yet edited in a different way… LOVE IT!

To me this is life… we can all hear and see the same thing yet so many times its interpreted differently.

One Photo Focus Badge




Chained Beauty! (Flower Friday)


Barbed Beauty




Red, Red Rose (Flower Friday)

This is just one of the dozen red roses my darling brother and his wife (who would have been the real instigator here – thank you SIL) sent me as a house-warming gift last month.

Red Red Rose

Looking at the photos I’d taken the afternoon I’d received the bouquet, it was very evident my head wasn’t in the photographing-game that day.

Although on the one hand this was disappointing, on the other hand I didn’t feel guilty at all running amuck with all my editing, lol.




One Photo Focus: December

This month Stacy Fisher from Visual Venturing has given us a beautiful image from Julie Powell (Julie Powell Photography) for December’s One Photo Focus. As always, here is my interpretation first of her image.

One Photo Focus December - Julie Powell - Joanne Ritchie

As the flower was just so delightful I erased the background images, leaving just the flower which was then covered with a little grunge for texture. Somewhere along the processing-way it became monochrome, lol, I completely missed that!

And here is Julie’s original image.

One Photo Focus - Julie Powell - December

What I love about this challenge is how one image can be interpreted in just so many ways. Be sure to go over to Stacy’s Visual Venturing next to see what other’s chose to do.

And many thanks to Stacy for hosting this challenge this year. It’s been a blast to say the least and look forward to more “thinking outside the box” next year!

One Photo Focus





Anping Treehouse (November One Photo Focus)

Oh how quickly these last three months of the year go, I can’t believe it’s already November. Only 49 sleeps until the fat guy comes and time for another One Photo Focus with the talented Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing!

Here is my interpretation of this month’s amazing photograph of the Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan by Helen Chen of HCC Blog. The roots of a Banyan Tree have engulfed themselves around what was once an old warehouse. Quite amazing.

One Photo Focus - November

Looking at this capture I couldn’t decide for the longest time what to do until I was looking through the photographs recently that my father had in his army kit bag that he’d brought back with him from his time in the South Pacific during WWII.

There were photographs of comradeship and their day-to-day life, then there were some really gruesome shots of the harsh realities they were facing. The darkness within these photos seemed to highlight this reality.  This is what I aimed for in my editing.

Not quite what you see here in Helen’s original photograph thankfully.

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Be sure to head over to Visual Venturing by clicking on the badge below to see how everybody else has interpreted Helen’s photograph, my favourite part of this challenge. One Photo yet in SO many different ways… BRILLIANT!

One Photo Focus





One Photo Focus – October

Oh how I love the first Friday of the month as that’s when Stacy from Visual Venturing hosts her One Photo Focus – LOVE IT!

This month we have a fabulous photo from Michelle Lunato of Michelle Lunato Photography. If you aren’t already familiar with Michelle’s work I highly recommend a visit as you won’t be disappointed. This is how I’ve interpreted her photo.

October One Photo Focus

Below is Michelle’s original photograph. The line of light from the sun through the water I found mesmerizing so tried emphasizing this by portrait cropping the photo.

Then I removed all but the three boats you see to make the picture less distracting and this being me, pumped up the contrast somewhat!

Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus

Do pop over to Visual Venturing to see all the submissions. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how we can all have the same photograph yet interpret it in different way. I just love it!