Teasing all our Senses (OWPC: Food)

It’s more than simply just the food when eating out. This was very much the case when we were visiting Tallinn, Estonia. The ambiance in the 300 year-old restaurant complete with a true bread-basket together with the food was simply divine.

It’s said we eat with our eyes but on this particular night all five of our senses were tingling with delight. Food is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole-Wells this week.

Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 4)

The checkered flag is flying in the breeze, we are at the fourth and final week of the One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. Being the last week I have done a little bit of everything with a little bit of everything.

First I dabbled in Photoshop, then it was a quick visit to Snapseed before returning to PhotoScape. And here we are. Where was this influence last month for Halloween I ask?!


Here is my original photo I took in the beautiful old city of Tallinn – Estonia, along with all my previous three weeks of editing.

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It’s been an absolutely fabulous month. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the One Four Challenge for November as much as I have. Many thanks to the ever patient and helpful Nic for hosting this month – it’s been a blast!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Tallinn Tower ( November One Four Challenge – Week 2)

Here we are Week 2 of the November One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is the challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for four consecutive weeks.

For this week I’ve simply changed out the colour to monochrome, done a little cropping but have left the church on a slight angle, giving more emphasis to the tree in front.


Here is my original photo and last week’s processing for comparisons.

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Be sure to check out Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic, for her work this week on the challenge and also for the links to all the other submissions for the One Four Challenge.

the ONE FOUR Challenge





Tallinn Towers (One Four Challenge – Week 1)

Another month, another One Four Challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for the following four weeks. This month, Photography by Nic is hosting this challenge whilst Robyn take a well-deserved break!

So without further ado here is my image for this week, one of the many church towers in the old city of Tallinn, Estonia last year. For this week I’ve simply straightened the photo, cropped it slightly and of course boosted the contrast.


Here is my original capture for comparison.

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Be sure to check out lovely Nic’s, Photography by Nic for her submission along with links to all the other submissions for this wonderful challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge




DOOR into a lifetime ago! (WPC)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is… DOOR.

This door particularly piqued my interest when I was in Tallinn, Estonia last year. A door in a wall that was covered in moss complete with roots hanging down from above.

Tallinn Door

The only thing that could have made this even more interesting and even more enticing was if an elf or mystical creature had emerged from it, lol.

But you gotta wonder though… what is with that pipe?!




This really says it ALL!!!

We couldn’t help but smile after spotting this painted on the side of a building as we proceeded to the look-out above the Medieval Old City of Tallinn.

The Times we had!!!

It really did sum up our wonderful visit to Tallinn, Estonia. There are so many more photographs I would love to share but even from where I sit here at the end of the channel I can sense if I did there would be an enormous outcry of… “mum, how much longer?”

3 Sisters Hotel – Tallinn, Estonia

Somehow I don’t think it would have mattered what the hotel was like, simply being positioned in the Medieval Old City would have been enough. However Hubby’s choice of The 3 Sisters certainly didn’t hurt. Originally it was three merchant houses that have since been joined to create this unique and wonderful hotel.

The 3 Sisters Hotel - Tallinn, Estonia

There is a little bit of what can only be assumed as “original structure” dotted around the hotel. Take these three steps for example that are now flush against the wall above the restaurant doorway. The seeming lead only to a window…

3 Sisters Stairs to Nowhere

The old beams and stone-work of yesteryear in our room intertwined with both the sprinkler and electrical systems of today.

3 Sisters Frame Work highlighting the old and the new

There were old doors beside new doors.

3 Sisters old and new of doors

There was an elevator in the hotel but who could resist gracing a stair-case such as this?! If only I’d packed my ball gown, dang it! 🙂

3 Sisters  with their beautifully curved Stairs

All holidays however come down to the meals – breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it didn’t disappoint here. How could it when there were bottles of prosecco out with the buffet spread – now that’s MY kind of hotel!

3 Sisters Breakfast Buffet - oh dee-lish!

Once satisfied with your culinary choices, you would then proceed to another little area to dine where this was the view from our table.

3 Sister view from the breakfast table through to the court yardThe evening meals were taken in the actual dining room itself. This being our preferred table with the most amazing candle-holder beside it in the window frame.

3 Sisters Dining Room - oh yea!

Oh and the meals, they were NOTHING like we could have EVER imagined. They were a treat not just to eat but to see – steak and veg has never been so exquisite!

3 Sisters steak and vegies as never tasted so good

And as I sit and dream of these meals of an afternoon, I hear my children pacing the kitchen, inquiring… “mum, how much longer?”

Old but so very much revered!

Walking around a city that has a history that can be dated back to the 12th Century, one is bound to come across a building or such that looks as old as time itself.

Old but certainly not forgotten!

Naturally of course there can be little left that is originally from that time period but some structures certainly give their best attempt at looking hundreds and hundreds of years old. With the exception of the very new, very basic letter-box which oddly, was the only part of this building to have graffiti. Go figure!

Old old gate, shame about the new letterbox!

The majority of buildings have been restored but there is still the odd one here and there as you can see in need of some tender loving care.

Old store front, oh the stories I'm sure it could tell!

Of all the questions I could have asked as I wandered around Tallinn, a city still very much “a work in progress“, the one question I would never ask since I love the contrast of the old and new would be… “mum, how much longer?”

Enduring City Walls!

First off, today is my Darling Mother’s birthday so a big shout her to her – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNY – 83 years young and not looking a day over 70! This is a favorite photo of her that I took when I met she and dad in Cairo to tour Egypt together before continuing on with me to London to stay with me.

Lola ticking a bucket list item at Giza, EygptEgypt, what an incredible country that one is. This was my second visit to Egypt, having been there the previous year when I flew into Cairo before touring Israel on my way down to explore Africa. Ah yes, they were the days… {{ sigh}}

The Sphinx was undergoing MAJOR renovations (read REMAKE) at the time but looking at the Pyramid of Giza in the background it reminded me of the walls that surround the Medieval Old City of Tallinn. (Nice segue huh? LOL!)

City Wall Tower Corner

It’s absolutely incredible to think a wall this old is still so relatively intact. This walkway near Helleman Tower illustrates how different sections have been remodeled over the years to accommodate we tourists!

City Wall Walkway

Epping Tower, with its hand-made armour and interactive exhibition was located just behind our hotel and was at the top of the list of “must see” attractions but unfortunately was closed during our visit.

Tallinn City Wall - Epping Tower

Not to worry as it was still impressive from the outside. We wandered further up this lane-way but quickly doubled-back out of respect for this group standing with a hearse. A sobering reminded to us that this beautiful city is not just a “working” tourist attraction but is also called home by many.

City Wall Journeys end for somewhere

If I’d been asked what the length of this wall measured in total I would have said at least 5km but surprisingly it’s less than half at 2km. This city without doubt contains so VERY much that I’d love the opportunity to return and explore more. Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”

A Smidge of Snow Tickling Tallinn!

It wasn’t until our last full day in Tallinn that it snowed but it wasn’t snowflake-snow, it was a dry kinda snow. It was so dry it would land on the roof-tops then be “blown” down the drain-pipes. Cool huh?!

Snow on sliding down a Tallinn down-pipe!

How beautiful are these small bushes with just a smattering of snow that we found located near the Hellemann Tower and the Old Wall?

Snow on a small bush outside the Hellemann Tower

Hmmm, I know there’s a saying how moss grows on the south side of things but do you think this relates to snow also? No prizes for guessing as to which was the wind was blowing last night, lol!

Snow blown onto the side of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

Then again though, when you see how thick the moss is under this dusting of snow (and doesn’t it look like icing sugar/powder has been dusted over the roots of this tree?) you have to wonder if this moss story is more than a myth!

A dusting of snow on the stump of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

To have snowflakes fall on Tallinn would have been beautiful but as we were on foot exploring this incredible Old City, I have to say I was grateful for what there was, or how little there was. Oddly for once I wasn’t looking for more snow and asking… “mum, how much longer?”